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    Not Just for Children: The Mexican Comic Book in the Late 1960s and 1970s: No 30: Not Just for Children

    R2 950,00
    This pioneering study presents an overview of the Mexican comic book industry, together with in-depth studies of the best selling Mexican comic books of the 1960s and 1970s.

    Quiz Craze: America's Infatuation with Game Shows

    R2 784,00
    An in-depth history of quiz and game formats, describing how mass communications transformed the old parlor guessing games into enormously popular features on radio and television, and examining their impact on American society and the consumer marketplace.

    French and Creole in Louisiana

    R5 077,00
    A comprehensive treatment of linguistic situation of francophone Louisiana and its relation to the development of French in North America outside of Quebec. This title covers topics ranging from language shift and code mixing, and speaker attitudes, to such language planning initiatives as CODOFIL program to revive the sue of French in Louisiana.

    Great Nations Still Enchained: Cartoonists' Vision of Empire, 1848-1914

    R3 367,00
    The grandeur of the great imperial powers of the 19th century was constantly subverted by the cartoons of the day. Roy Douglas provides a clear historical narrative which explains the subtle meaning below the surface of the cartoons.

    Humour, Work and Organization

    R4 096,00
    Explores the critical, subversive and ambivalent character of humour, work and comedy as it relates to organizations and organized work. This work examines the various individual, organizational, social and cultural means through which humour is represented, deployed, developed, used and understood.

    The Linguistic Analysis of Jokes

    R3 471,00
    Graeme Ritchie advocates a cognitive science approach to humour research, aiming for higher levels of detail and formality than has been customary in humour research, and argues the case for analyzing jokes and humour.

    500+: Extreme Dirty Jokes

    R46 875,00

    Nonsensical Fiction PT. 1

    R3 940,00

    Anthropology of Humor and Laughter

    R2 720,00

    You Are Officially Rich

    R3 159,00

    Bfs Words Et Alia: A Bfs Puzzle

    R3 159,00

    Bfs Phrases Et Alia: A Bfs Puzzle

    R3 159,00

    Laughter and Ridicule: Towards a Social Critique of Humour

    R3 427,00
    This delightful, thought-provoking book tackles head-on the assumption that laughter and humour are necessarily good in themselves. The author proposes a social theory that places humour central to social life. Billig argues that all cultures use ridicule as a disciplinary means to uphold norms of conduct and conventions of meaning.

    I Am Rich

    R46 891,00