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    Cotswolds Cottage

    R99,00 R100,38

    Best of Getaway funny signs

    R75,00 R95,00
    It's amazing how many people go to considerable lengths to tell other people wacky things on boards
    û and often get the message so delightfully wrong doing it.



    I Love Mum When...

    R20,00 R109,12
    You know the things your mum does that gets right up your nose? those things tharyou've nagged and grumbled about in the past? Well - this book will help you get over them all. It is a perfect love gift, a way of saying to your mum: Okay - I dont mind when you start hovvering outside my room at 7amon a Saturday morning. It makes you special... and I love you!

    Top Gear Dot-to-Dot: The Best (Dot-to-Dot) Book in the World!

    R49,00 R180,00
    What inner nine-year-old will be able to resist joining the dots to reveal three badly dressed, middle-aged men bickering, falling over, messing about with cars and catching fire...? This is your chance to join the dots and see your Top Gear favourites in a whole new light. This book deals with this topic.



    And on That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear

    R99,00 R430,60
    Behind the scenes of the global phenomenon Top Gear.

    The Sunday Telegraph Book of Quick Crosswords: No. 12

    R20,00 R80,00

    Little Book of Mindlessness

    R59,00 R121,93
    Suitable for helping readers who discover a renewed energy and sense of true inner peace, this book features "Focus", "Slow down" and "De-stress" that are its core mantras, but such words of wisdom aren't for everyone.


    R49,00 R120,93
    Wordsearch is full of fun and mind-boggling puzzles, perfect for trivia fans

    250 Puzzles

    R49,00 R97,31
    This puzzle Pad contains a comprehensive collection of everyone's favourite puzzles, including wordsearches, crosswords, sudoku and kriss kross. Here is a mix of puzzles for all enthusiasts, at all levels of difficulty. With 250 assorted puzzles this quality Puzzle Pad will keep you entertained for hours, so sit back and enjoy!

    Mixed Puzzle

    R39,00 R97,31
    A fantastic collection of 200 puzzles of all shapes and sizes. These puzzles cover various areas such as logic, number and word skills, ensuring that you will have a fun and enjoyable brain workout! Whether you choose your favourites first or challenge yourself against the types of puzzles you are not so good at, the great range will provide many hours of enjoyment.

    Questions You're Not Supposed to Ask

    R30,00 R175,95
    Questions You're Not Supposed to Ask provides enlightenment on life's taboo subjects, with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in for good measure. The aim of the book is to arm the ordinary person with the sort of knowledge that is jealously guarded by the Powers That Be and so release the individual from the chains of ignorance.

    Purple Ronnie's I Heart You

    R25,00 R119,00
    Purple Ronnie's latest Valentine's day book, especially for YOU!

    The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes

    R199,00 R385,00
    This omnibus edition includes "Revenge of the Baby-Sat" and "Scientific Progress Goes "Boink"" as well as other cartoons, integrated throughout. Bill Watterson won the 1986 Reuben Award as Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, nominated by the National Cartoonists' Society.