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    Best Ever Crosswords


    Springbok rugby quiz

    Welcome to the ultimate rugby quiz book for real rugby fans! Springbok rugby quiz examines the lore of rugby in an unusually entertaining way: It comprises 1001 questions and answers. Rugby lovers can now enjoy some of the most outlandish anecdotes, as well as cold, hard facts and statistics, about this game we all love.

    50 Blaaskansblokraaie

    R50,00 R60,00
    In vandag se gejaagde lewe is dit uiters belangrik om 'n gesonde balans tussen werk en ontspanning te skep. Om tyd te maak vir aktiwiteite wat jou 'n blaaskans gee is nie 'n luukse nie, dit is 'n noodsaaklikheid.

    Best Ever Sudoku


    Wordsearch Extra


    Best Ever Brain Teasers


    Puzzler Advanced Sudoku

    R59,00 R143,06
    Sudoku has taken the UK population by storm. Every daily newspaper wants a piece of the action and there are examples of these aggravatingly addictive puzzles all over the place. But is a 9X9X9 square as good as it gets? This book includes advanced sudoku puzzles, as well as other Japanese puzzles.

    The Ultimate Puzzle Book




    The New Comprehensive A-Z Crossword Dictionary

    R110,00 R130,00
    Puzzle clues and solution words include abbreviations; slang words; literary, scientific, and foreign references; along with computer terminology, variant spellings, and idioms.

    Everyday Bumper Fun: 500 Perplexing Puzzles, Winning Word Searches, Compelling Crosswords and Thrilling Trivia to Challenge Your Mind

    R99,00 R150,00
    If you love trivia, word searches, crosswords and other fun puzzles then Everyday Bumper Fun is the book for you. This book contains 500 fun puzzles for the whole family!

    Best Ever Wordsearches



    This ultimate book is packed full of word searches that are guaranteed to keep the brain active and provide hours of entertainment and fun. From beginners to experts, this book is a must-have for word search lovers of all ages.


    R49,00 R124,64

    African wildlife quiz book

    R80,00 R100,00
    This new-format, new edition of the African wildlife quiz book will provide hours of fun for people of all ages. Packed with quizzes, crosswords, word searches, brainteasers and interesting facts, it offers competitive games for lively groups, or a quiet challenge for solitary users.