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    How to Pass Professional Level Psychometric Tests: Contains Practice Tests for IT, Finance and Recruitment

    R25,00 R153,73
    candidates applying for jobs in it, management or finance often face gruelling assessment through the use of psychometric tests. this work aims to increase those candidates' understanding of the various types of test they may face.

    The Social Brain: How Diversity Made the Modern Mind

    R79,00 R250,00
    A popular psychology title from a respected social psychologist that argues how diversity has been important throughout the development of civilisation and why it is vital for our future.

    Fear: Our Ultimate Challenge

    R270,00 R315,00
    Explorer and adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes explores the concept of fear, and shows us through his own experiences how we can push our boundaries in everyday life.

    Paranormality: Why We See What Isn't There

    R20,00 R310,00
    Bestselling psychologist Richard Wiseman unravels the science behind our beliefs in telepathy, clairvoyants, mediums, ghosts, and more...

    Teach Yourself to Meditate: Over 20 Exercises for Peace, Health and Clarity of Mind

    R119,00 R160,00
    Many people are turning to meditation as an effective way to relax and bring inner peace. It can help combat stress, improve general health, increase awareness and boost the capacity to think clearly and creatively.

    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Overtaking Your Life

    R185,00 R215,00
    Bestselling author Richard Carlson shows us how to reduce stress where we need help the most: at work

    Man or monster

    Why do people murder, hijack and rape and why do they sometimes keep repeating these crimes? Violent crime is a phenomenon that both horrifies and fascinates us. What can go so horribly wrong in a man's psyche that he turns into a monster?

    When Prophecy Fails

    Not only is When Prophecy Fails of great historical importance as the first test of a powerful theory, but it is also a surprisingly touching account of what happens to ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances.

    Handbook of Developmental Research Methods

    R2 472,00

    Appropriate for use in developmental research methods or analysis of change courses, this is the first methods handbook specifically designed to meet the needs of those studying development. Leading developmental methodologists present cutting-edge analytic tools and describe how and when to use them in accessible, nontechnical language. They also provide valuable guidance for strengthening developmental research with designs that anticipate potential sources of bias. Throughout the chapters, research examples demonstrate the procedures in action and give readers a better understanding of how to match research questions to developmental methods. The companion website ( supplies data and program syntax files for many of the chapter examples.

    Personality Plus at Work: How to Work Successfully with Anyone

    R189,00 R209,95
    Bestselling author and personality expert shows how to be successful at work by understanding yourself and the people around you.

    Handbook of Developmental Social Neuroscience

    R2 060,00
    There has been an explosion of research into the physiological and neural bases of social behavior over the years. This book approaches the topic from a developmental perspective.

    Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving

    R1 236,00

    In this volume, leading authorities provide a state-of-the-art examination of disorganized attachment: what it is, how it can be identified, and its links to behavioral problems and psychological difficulties in childhood and beyond. The editors offer a fresh perspective on disorganized attachment, not as a characteristic of the infant or child but as the product of a dysregulated and disorganized parent-child relationship. They present cutting-edge research and exemplary treatment approaches. With attention to the subjective experiences of both mothers and children, the book shows how focusing on the caregiving system can advance research and clinical practice.

    Socioemotional Development in Cultural Context

    R1 381,00

    Filling a significant gap in the literature, this book examines the impact of culture on the social behaviors, emotions, and relationships of children around the world. It also explores cultural differences in what is seen as adaptive or maladaptive development. Eminent scholars discuss major theoretical perspectives on culture and development and present cutting-edge research findings. The volume addresses key aspects of socioemotional functioning, including emotional expressivity, parent-child and peer relationships, autonomy, self-regulation, intergroup attitudes, and aggression. Implications for culturally informed intervention and prevention are highlighted.