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    The Big Book of Legs

    Explores how freeing the female leg became central to women's liberation, beginning with the French Revolution and ending with the sexual revolution. This book contains over 400 photos that document the burlesque 'leg shows' of the 1800s, the silk-stockinged flappers of the 1920s, and the nylon-mania of the 1940s.

    The Big Butt Book

    The female butt, tush, culo, or derriere has always inspired awe, fantasy, and slavish devotion. Butts balance our bodies while running, according to biologists. But a pygophiliac answers that: female hindquarters exist to please the eye, the hands, and parts south. This book explores this perennial fascination with female booty.

    My Buddy. World War II Laid Bare

    Every harrowing day for a serviceman during World War II was potentially his last. When they weren't fighting side by side, they relaxed together, discharging tension in boisterous-sometimes naked-play. This book features images that show men barely out of boyhood, responding to the reality of battle by living each day to the fullest.

    The life & love of the sea

    Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: ItÆs the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible.

    Mario Testino, Rio De Janeiro

    Mario Testino is one of the most successful fashion and portrait photographers. From Copacabana's beaches to Ipanema's baixos, from penthouse to favela via the world's most famous carnival parade - this title presents Testino's love poem to the city that captured his teenage heart, and never let go.

    Lightroom Transformations: Realizing Your Vision with Adobe Lightroom Plus Photoshop

    This collection of before-and-after shots contains detailed explanations of how to go from an ordinary image to an extraordinary one - without fancy montage techniques or wacky effects. Lightroom expert and best-selling author Martin Evening will teach students how to make their regular photos shine.

    Looking East: Portraits by Steve McCurry

    A selection of striking portraits by award-winning photographer Steve McCurry.

    Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

    In this personal book full of real-world wisdom and incredible images, duChemin shows budding photographers both the how and the why of finding, chasing, and expressing their vision with a camera. He covers how to tell stories, and the technology and tools available in order to tell those narratives.

    Hermann Goering in the First World War: The Personal Photograph Albums of Hermann Goering: Part 1

    A Forensic photographic study of Hermann Goering's first period of notoriety, as a World War One fighter ace

    Olafur Eliasson

    A study of the artist and his poetic explorations of science and perception.

    William Claxton: Jazzlife


    Urban Farming

    You hear the term more often now: urban farming or gardening, in other words city gardening. Growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs in your city garden, on your balcony or even on your roof. And, if possible, together, as there are more and more initiatives to create on undeveloped pieces of land

    VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

    More like a sketchbook of ideas and wisdom than it is a system to get rich quick on photography, "VisionMongers" takes a look at the changing landscape of professional photography and the various journeys that can be taken to get there.