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    A Century of Model Animation

    R395,00 R737,04
    Tells the whole story of stop-motion model animation from the late nineteenth-century pioneers to the work of Tim Burton and Aardman Animation.


    R399,00 R904,48
    Contains more than 200 photographs of nearly 75 different bird species from Swallows to endangered Penguins. This book is suitable for animal lovers, orinthologists, photography fans, and those interested in the natural world.


    R425,00 R500,00
    Obie encompasses a decades-long sweep of his lifeƆs work and covers the globe. It is part coffee-table book, part travelogue, part autobiography and part storybook, with a bit of philosophy thrown in for good measure.

    India: 150 Years in Photographs: An Album

    R399,00 R1 364,98
    Rare and unpublished images of the great Indian subcontinent from the days of the Raj through the century and independence to the modern day colossus at the beginning of the 21st century.

    1000 Pin-Up Girls

    R264,00 R310,00
    Girls, Gags & Giggles" - this was Robert Harrison's recipe for dishing up the American pin-up to the U.S. male. In the 1950s his girlie magazines sold by the millions, before becoming icons of pulp and trash culture. These skilfully illustrated girls with their curvaceous forms and inviting lingerie soon overtook America's national dessert.

    The Other Hundred Educators

    R387,00 R455,00
    A compilation of stunning images and compelling stories by talented photographers from all over the world

    The Death of a Beautiful Subject

    Haunting black and white photographs of moths, beetles and butterflies, presented alongside an essay by the artist.

    Bunker Spreckels: Surfing's Divine Prince of Decadence

    R463,00 R545,00
    Born Adolph B Spreckels III, heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune, Bunker Spreckels became a famous surfer as a teenager, but after his inheritance came along, he began to slip into a life of pomp and excess where surfing took a back seat to drugs, sex, and wild road trips. This book traces the meteoric rise and fall of Bunker Spreckels.

    Cape Town then and now

    R263,00 R300,00
    Cape Town then and now is a unique visual portrait of Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, contrasting rare archival photographs with stunning contemporary views. The book draws on the superb photographic collections of the Western Cape archives, including the work of Arthur Elliott, Thomas Ravenscroft and Henry Steer.

    Hello, is This Planet Earth?: My View from the International Space Station (Official Tim Peake Book)

    R398,00 R455,00
    With over 150 photographs that author took on board the international space station, many of which have not been seen before, this collection showcases the beauty of earth from above, and is the perfect visual time capsule of author's remarkable trip, which captured the imaginations of millions of children and adults across the world.

    Cape Town fringe

    Manenberg - built as a dormitory suburb for the working people of the city - is the product and symbol of dispossession and extrusion from Cape Town's heart. Here, in a mirror image of the beautiful and desirable city, life is lived at the very edge.

    African American Women

    The third in a major new series of books based on the remarkable NMAAHC photography archive.

    Idiot's Guides: Digital Photography

    R271,00 R310,00
    Focused on making people better photographers, this full-color guide finally simplifies the process of taking pictures by focusing on what people really need to know to take better pictures.