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    Truly, Madly, Deeply: Underwater Photography

    R3 750,00
    This special limited edition comes in a real cloth covered binding contained in a board slipcase. The book front cover features an amazing 3-D lenticular fish image, and the book contains a limited edition print signed by the author. Each copy is numbered and the limited edition is restricted to 500 copies.

    Eikoh Hosoe: Barakei

    R8 047,00

    The Camera Assistant: A Complete Professional Handbook

    R3 240,00
    A technical guide providing the facets and duties of the first and second camera assistants' jobs. It explains both the practice and theory. It covers topics such as film formats and aspect ratios, testing lenses and camera equipment, focus theory, film loading and labeling, scene blocking, marking actors, and others.

    The Chemistry of Photography: From Classical to Digital Technologies

    R3 903,00
    This fascinating book will appeal to scientists and those with a general interest in both the new and the old science behind photography.


    R2 599,00 R3 014,92
    This book traces the visual history of surfing from its first description by Captain Cook in 1778 to today's global phenomenon. It examines the evolution of surfing both on and off the water, as a sport, a lifestyle, a philosophy. 500 images detail surf's crossover from the originary shores of Hawaii to fashion, film, music, and even car design.

    Germany Around 1900. A Colour Portrait

    R2 599,00 R3 014,92
    This book rediscovers the first color "photographic" images of Germany and with them a period of turn-of-the-century peace and prosperity. The images, dated from between 1889 and 1911, derive from the private collection of Marc Walter. This collection of almost 800 pictures transports us along the Rhine to the historic cities of Bonn and Cologne.

    Mathematical Models in Photographic Science

    R2 708,00
    Presenting mathematical models that arise in photographic science, this book contains 17 chapters, each dealing with one area of photographic science, and a final chapter containing exercises. It includes general background information, mathematical models, mathematical results and open problems.

    Practising Videojournalism: Theory into Practice

    R3 133,00
    Provides guidance combining journalistic writing ability with video practice. This book presents information on skills such as: identifying and researching stories; interviewing; producing scripts and pitching ideas; advice on how to use a small video camera; how to think visually about the impact of the footage framing shots; and more.

    Analysis, Design and Measurement of Small and Low-profile Antennas

    R2 523,00
    Tutorial in nature, this book is based on a series of workshop papers. It constitutes a single-volume guide to the basic methods of analyzing microstrip patch antennas and the characteristics of rectangular, circular and arbitrarily shaped patch antennas.

    Shadow Sites: Photography, Archaeology, and the British Landscape 1927-1955

    R3 667,00
    In mid-20th-century Britain, an archaeological vision of the British landscape reassured and enchanted a number of writers, artists, photographers, and film-makers. From John Piper and Eric Ravilious to photographs of bomb damage, this book delves into these evocative interpretations and looks at how they affected the way the landscape was seen.