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    The Sites of Ancient Greece

    R1 063,00 R1 250,00
    A perfect introduction to the ancient sites of Greece.


    R1 500,00
    Over three years in the making, Encounter spans the Asian, African, American, European and Antarctic continents. There are many books on wildlife photography; the challenge is to find new thresholds, rise to new heights, and the extra mile in extreme environments to grab the viewer's attention. This is what Encounter has undoubtedly achieved

    Magnum Photobook: The Catalogue Raisonne

    R1 054,00 R1 240,00
    The first complete illustrated bibliography of 1,000 iconic photobooks created by members of the renowned photo agency

    Truly, Madly, Deeply: Underwater Photography

    R1 500,00
    To capture an image of the crystal octopus, one of the ocean's rarest and most elusive creatures, became the goal in Ali bin Thalith's obsession with underwater marine photography. Over 10 years of searching has produced cornucopia of extraordinary deep sea images, of which over 100 are selected here, shot in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

    Robert Mapplethorpe - The Photographs

    R1 020,00 R1 200,00
    A fascinating look at one of photography's most controversial and beloved icons

    From These Hands: A Journey Along the Coffee Trail

    R1 063,00 R1 250,00
    An intimate portrait of coffee-growing communities around the world from Steve McCurry.

    I Write to Tell You of a Baby Boy Born Only Yesterday . . . .

    R1 500,00
    First ever retrospective by one of the world's leading photographers - hotly anticipated by the press and public for years.

    Before They Pass Away

    R1 958,00 R2 300,53
    Showcases tribal cultures around the world. This title presents us with images of customs and artifacts, and also offers insightful portraits of people who are the guardians of a culture that they - and we - hope will be passed on to future generations in all its glory.

    The Versatile Image: Photography, Digital Technologies and the Internet

    R1 151,00
    This multidisciplinary volume provides new insights into the shifting cultures affecting the production, collection, use, and circulation of photographic images on the Web.

    Picture Composition

    R1 444,00
    Aims to teach picture composition and enhance the quality of the work. This book includes compositional implications of widescreen, DV cameras, and teaches through examples of practical scenarios and problem-solving. It is useful for a practising camera and trainee camera operator, and, students and lecturers on a film production course.


    R1 064,00 R1 281,34
    This monumental collection of D'Agata's controversial work is a cult classic and companion to one of the most talked-about photography exhibitions of the past decade, available now for the first time in English.

    Pure: A Photo-Annotated Screenplay

    R1 156,00

    Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia

    R1 354,00
    A study of the advertising campaigns and marketing strategies launched by Kodak in the early years of snapshot photography. It demonstrates how these stand at the centre of a shift in American domestic life that goes deeper than technological innovations in cameras and film.