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    Thinking Photography

    R1 072,00

    DVCAM: A Practical Guide to the Professional System

    R1 009,00
    A guide for those who want to learn more about Sony DVCAM, to determine what equipment to use, how various models compare, and how to use each of them. It provides an overview of the DVCAM format and its equipment, covering camcorders, cameras, tape, VTRs, editors, and accessories.

    The Film Developing Cookbook: v. 2

    R1 119,00
    A manual for modern film development techniques. It concentrates on films, their characteristics, and the developers, each requires for maximum control of the resulting image. It addresses the difficult subject of T-grain film development.

    Beyond the Zone System

    R1 385,00
    Suitable for photographers who are interested in knowing how the materials and processes of black-and-white photography work, this book bridges the gap between the more theoretical aspects of the photographic process and the popular empirical procedures.

    Photography Theory in Historical Perspective

    R2 227,00
    Photography Theory in Historical Perspective aims to contribute to the understanding of the multifaceted and complex character of the photographic medium by dealing with various case studies selected from photographic practices in contemporary art, discussed in the context of views and theories of photography from its inception.

    Crime Scene Photography

    R2 249,00

    Anleitung Zur Photographie

    R1 248,00

    The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes

    R1 647,00
    Suitable for students and professionals studying the art of handmade photographic prints, this book brings students, hobbyists, and professionals with the techniques and artists.

    Teaching Photography: Tools for the Imaging Educator

    R1 186,00
    "First published 2006 by Focal Press"--Title page verso.