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    Blue Hope: Exploring and Caring for Earth's Magnificent Ocean

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    Dazzling photographs combine with inspiring insights from international ocean icon Sylvia Earle and other notable ocean advocates, paying a poignant tribute to the beauty and magic of the ocean and shedding light on its abundant gifts to the planet.


    Explores the last wilderness left on Earth. This guide to the underwater world helps you discover its every aspect, from the geology of the sea floor and the interaction between the ocean and atmosphere, to the extraordinary diversity of marine life.

    Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide

    Offers an exploration of planet Earth. From the fiery mass of the Earth's core to the tip of the highest ice-capped mountain, this title helps you discover every aspect of our planet in photographic detail with Earth.

    Weather Map Handbook, 3rd Ed., Color

    R855,00 R971,06

    The Hebrides: An Aerial View of a Cultural Landscape

    R540,00 R814,11
    The Hebrides of Scotland - around 500 diverse islands - form the north-western Atlantic fringe of Europe. This book surveys the cultural landscape of this dramatically beautiful, complex and conflicted area, with emphasis on what may be interpreted through aerial photography.


    R856,00 R1 058,34
    The latest book by the award-winning photographer Bernhard Edmaier presents his stunning vistas of water in awe-inspiring views of our planet.

    Geology and Plant Life: The Effects of Landforms and Rock Types on Plants

    Demonstrates the role of landforms and rock types in producing the geographical distributions of plants and in stimulating evolutionary diversification.

    Geology and Landscapes of Scotland

    A thoroughly revised new edition, now profusely illustrated in colour, with many photographs, maps and diagrams, and complete with an extensive glossary, Geology and landscapes of Scotland is for the many readers fascinated by one of the most geologically intriguing and scenically beautiful parts of the world.

    The Geology of the Island of Arran: From Original Survey

    This practical guide, organised by district and accessible to non-specialists, was published in 1840 and launched the author's successful career.

    Tectonic Geomorphology

    R877,00 R1 446,41
    * First text to take a broad interdisciplinary approach: integrating geomorphology, geophysics, and paleoclimatology. * Includes the latest technological advances used in dating: Uranium series dating and observation. * Emphasizes the role of surface processes.