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    Foundation of Structural Geology

    R446,00 R525,00
    This introductory textbook has been used by many generations of students worldwide. It is specifically tailored to the requirements of first or second year geology undergraduates.

    Minerals: A Very Short Introduction

    The Earth contains a vast array of minerals, many with highly complex arrangements of atoms of several elements. In this Very Short Introduction David Vaughan explores the structure of minerals, the conditions under which they form and transform, their properties, and their interaction with microbes, as well as their importance in human health.

    Reconstructing Quaternary Environments

    R1 077,00 R1 288,55
    "Examines the various forms of evidence used to establish the history and scale of environmenal changes during the Quaternary. This book examines a wide range palaeological indicators, and synthesises field and laboratory techniques . It is widely illustrated and employs progressive learning techniques throughout"--

    Soils and Geomorphology

    R2 644,00
    This third edition retains the format of "Factors of Soil Formation", but it places greater emphasis on the role of dust in pedogenesis, and includes new data on tropical soil development, global soil-loss relations, neotectonics, and reduction processes.

    Introductory Soil Science Laboratory Manual

    R1 557,00
    Third edition of a laboratory manual designed to supplement regular class work in an introductory soils course. New material addresses specific environmental concerns related to crop production.

    Principles of Geochemistry

    R1 558,00
    This revised edition of the text provides coverage of the entire field of geochemistry, including a basic review of the fundamental physico-chemical principles of solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter. It also discusses the geochemistry of the solid state and trace element geochemistry.

    Earth: An Intimate History

    The face of the earth, crisscrossed by chains of mountains, has changed and changed again over billions of years. In this book Fortey shows how human culture and natural history--even the shape of cities--are rooted in this deep geological past.

    Why Geology Matters: Decoding the Past, Anticipating the Future

    Volcanic dust, climate change, tsunamis, earthquakes - geoscience explores phenomena that profoundly affect our lives. But more than that, the science also provides important clues to the future of the planet. This title gives an overview of Earth's history based on information extracted from rocks, ice cores, and other natural archives.

    Mining North America: An Environmental History Since 1522

    Over the past five hundred years, North Americans have increasingly turned to mining to produce much of their basic social and cultural objects. Drawing on the work of scholars from Mexico, the United States, and Canada, this book explores how mining has shaped North America over the last half millennium.

    Geology and Landscape of Michigan's Pictured Rocks N

    A fully illustrated field guide to the geology and scenery of northern Michigan's Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and vicinity.