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    Evocative Africa: Ventures of Discovery

    R200,00 R498,99
    Lets reader visit Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, and Namibia. This title takes them on a journey the unmissable in sub-Saharan Africa. It features images that juxtapose the scale and grandeur of the continent with an attention to smaller, less obvious wonders.

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth: A Scientific Exploration into the Heart of Our Planet

    R99,00 R225,00
    A history of exploration beneath the surface of our planet, a remarkable voyage of scientific discovery over the past 150 years.

    Alien & invasive animals

    R29,00 R250,00
    While alien plants have been well publicised, this is the first book to be published on alien animals of Africa.

    Sasol first field guide to aloes of Southern Africa

    R60,00 R70,00
    Sasol First Field Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa provides fascinating insight into the aloes of the region. Full-colour photographs, distribution maps and easy-to-read text will help the budding naturalist to identify the more common aloes found in southern African gardens and landscapes.

    The Sea

    R99,00 R386,06
    From the Atlantic and the South Pacific to the Caribbean and the Red Sea, this book covers the oceans with a wide range of aerial and underwater photography, and even photographs from space. It includes a chapter on beautiful sea creatures and powerful underwater predators, as well as all the other delicate life of our oceans.

    Box of Rocks

    R70,00 R90,00

    Secret Namibia

    R254,00 R290,00
    A portrait of geological and other natural features of this wild country - Namibia. It offers an exploration of the terrain - from the geomorphological make-up to the best routes to follow and the finest places to stay. It features such places as Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, and Sandwich Harbor.

    Sedimentary Rocks in the Field: A Colour Guide

    R493,00 R580,00
    A guide to the recognition and description of sedimentary rocks in the field. It aims to help the geologist know what to observe and record and how best to interpret this data and is of value to students, amateur enthusiasts and professional geologists.

    FCS Soil Science: Level 2

    R265,00 R303,00
    The series is designed to meet the needs of students and lecturers of the National Certificate Vocational.

    You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes

    R404,00 R475,00
    From the author of the international bestseller An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - an unforgettable photographic portrait of the planet we call home, as seen from Space.

    Ladders Science 4: Explorer Tim Samaras: Tornadoes (On-Level)

    A collection of articles linked together by the topic of tornadoes.

    Restios of the Fynbos

    R228,00 R260,00

    An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps

    R395,00 R465,00
    An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps remains the most popular textbook for students needing a concise and accessible introduction to geological structures and mapping skills.