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    The Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards: The Official Guide to Registered Breeds

    R757,00 R865,00
    The Kennel Club's Breed Standards form the basis for judging dogs at all licensed breed shows. This guide outlines the descriptive 'standards' for each of the 201 pure breeds of dog now recognised by the Kennel Club. It is suitable for anyone who owns, or hopes to own, a pedigree dog.

    Birds and People

    R674,00 R770,00
    There are 10,500 species of bird worldwide and wherever they occur people marvel at their glorious colours and their beautiful songs. This title describes and maps the entire spectrum of our engagements with birds, drawing in themes of history, literature, art, cuisine, language, lore, politics and the environment.

    Trees of Southern Africa

    R516,00 R590,00
    Meg Coates Palgrave, author of the newest edition, brings practical experience and a vast knowledge to this task, assisted and advised by Prof Braam van Wyk, acting as consultant. This third edition of Trees of Southern Africa has been updated, revised and expanded.

    The life & love of the sea

    Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: ItÆs the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible.

    Horse Conformation: Structure, Soundness and Performance

    The most comprehensive guide to the horse's body- inside and outside-ever published.

    An Amateur's Guide to Observing and Imaging the Heavens

    R580,00 R629,16
    This book provides extensive guidance for amateurs on observing and imaging equipment and demonstrates how to best use them.

    Robotic Exploration of the Solar System: Hiatus and Renewal, 1983-1996: Part 2

    R566,00 R613,19
    The authors provide a detailed history of unmanned exploration of our Solar System. The subject is treated from an engineering and scientific standpoint. Technical descriptions of the spacecraft, of their mission designs and of instrumentations are provided.

    Endeavouring Banks: Exploring the Collections from the Endeavour Voyage 1768 - 1771

    R668,00 R977,73
    Banks and his team returned from the Endeavour voyage with unprecedented collections of artefacts and specimens of stunning birds, fish and plants, and they produced remarkable drawings of the peoples and places they saw. 140 objects will tell the story of the Endeavour voyage.

    The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds: Designs, Patterns and Details

    R633,00 R635,00
    In this magnificent display of ornithological beauty, readers are given the chance to marvel at the textures and colours of birds in stunning detail-and are rewarded with a new appreciation of art in nature.

    Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend

    R567,00 R635,00
    The stories, myths, and legends associated with more than 80 kinds of birds from around the world.



    Nature and Its Natural Laws


    Bulletin, Issue 7