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    Encyclopedia of Birds

    R400,00 R970,52
    This illustrated volume profiles more than 400 species from all continents and climates, from the greater flamingo to the snowy owl, from the golden eagle to the canary.

    Africa's Big Five

    R350,00 R420,00
    Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those species that have come over the years to be known as the big five. Whether the biggest, the most beautiful, the fiercest or most formidable, these animals are the ones that have the power to remind us of our insignificance in the face of the true kings of the savannas.

    Smithers' mammals of Southern Africa

    R290,00 R340,00
    First published in 1986, Smithers' mammals is an authoritative and popular guide to the mammals of Southern Africa.

    NewmanÆs birds of Southern Africa

    R255,00 R300,00
    This edition of Newman's birds of Southern Africa at once updates a classic and pays tribute to one of the region's birding authors, the late Kenneth Newman.

    Two oceans a guide to the marine life of Southern Africa

    R305,00 R360,00
    Exuberant in colour and bursting with life, Two Oceans captures the diversity of southern Africa's rich marine heritage. For well over a decade this unrivalled field guide has enriched the lives of scientists, students, fishermen, divers, beachcombers and underwater photographers.

    Hidden Johannesburg

    R330,00 R395,00
    Hidden Johannesburg offers a snapshot of 28 notable buildings. From the stately mansions of the Randlords to their downtown headquarters, the clubs where they socialised and the churches where they worshipped, the architecture of early Johannesburg lives on in sandstone, granite, marble and slate.

    Backpacker Magazine's Hiking and Backpacking with Dogs

    "Hiking and Backpacking with Dogs highlights the benefits of enjoying the great outdoors with your dog. Learn how to choose, train, condition, and care for your canine hiking companion and plan outdoor trail excurious and overnighters"--

    Anthology of Flowers

    R306,00 R360,00
    Inspired by classic illustrated botanical volumes, this is a modern celebration of wild, garden and exotic flowers.

    Sasol voels van Suider-Afrika

    R306,00 R350,00
    Sasol voels van Suider-Afrika bly die streek se mees omvattend geillustreerde en beproefde veldgids.

    101 Amazing Sights of the Night Sky: A Guided Tour for Beginners

    R268,00 R315,00
    George Moromisato introduces 101 objects and phenomena of the night sky, such as Saturn's rings and the Andromeda Galaxy, and he teaches readers what to look for and when and where to look.

    The Hunt

    R420,00 R480,00
    Featuring over 240 breathtaking photographs and footage from the landmark BBC series, this book captures the dramatic encounters of predator and prey in an entirely new light.

    The story of earth and life

    R306,00 R350,00
    Southern Africa is without equal in terms of geology, a treasure trove of valuable minerals with a geological history dating back some 3 600 million years.

    Field guide to insects of South Africa

    R306,00 R350,00
    This guide will be of value to entomologists, both amateur and professional, as well as to students, nature conservation officers, game rangers, gardeners, farmers, tourists and anyone with an interest in natural history.

    Fauna Und Flora Im Sudlichen Africa

    R263,00 R300,00
    Published for the first time in German, this is the first local field guide to cover all the commonly encountered plants and animals of the southern African region in one compact and easy-to-use volume. More than 2 000 species (1 200 of them illustrated)