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    Truly, Madly, Deeply: Underwater Photography

    R3 750,00
    This special limited edition comes in a real cloth covered binding contained in a board slipcase. The book front cover features an amazing 3-D lenticular fish image, and the book contains a limited edition print signed by the author. Each copy is numbered and the limited edition is restricted to 500 copies.

    Estimating Abundance of African Wildlife: An Aid to Adaptive Management

    R4 832,00
    Estimating abundance of wildlife is an essential component of a wildlife research programme. This book compiles the most relevant techniques for counting African mammals, with guidelines for selecting the appropriate methodology for a range of conditions commonly found in the field.

    Einstein's Relativity: The Ultimate Key to the Cosmos

    R3 098,00
    This richly illustrated book is unique in exploring Einstein's relativity at a higher level for the non-specialist than ever before, using nothing more than grade-school algebra. It also explains how the theory applies to phenomena such as black holes.

    Handbuch Der Pferderassen

    R2 602,00

    American Beetles: Archostemata, Myxophaga, Adephaga, Polyphaga: Staphyliniformia: Volume 1

    R3 245,00
    Covers the genera of beetles that occur in Alaska, Canada, and the contiguous United States. Built on the foundation of the original work and almost rewritten by more than 60 coleopterists, this title describes various families with separate paragraphs for head, thorax, abdomen, genitalia, eggs, larvae, and pupae.

    Factors Affecting Calf Crop: Biotechnology of Reproduction

    R4 529,00
    Offers a detailed compilation of technology for managing reproduction in cattle. This book discusses techniques approved for controlling the estrus cycle in cattle. It also describes and discusses factors affecting bull fertility and information on embryo collection and utilization technology.

    Environmental Signal Processing and Adaptation

    R3 869,00
    Animals and plants live in changing environmental conditions which serve as signals which have to be "sensed" and interpreted. This signal processing is based on biochemical, molecular and neuronal processes which are discussed in this book.

    Classification and Ordination: Symposium on Advances in Vegetation Science, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, May 1979

    R5 795,00
    Symposium on Advances in Vegetation Science, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, May 1979

    Identification of Tropical Woody Plants in the Absence of Flowers: A Field Guide

    R2 520,00
    Presents an identification system, using morphological and macroanatomical features which are easily observable, permanent, and which provide a great deal of taxonomic information. This book provides information on the molecular biological findings in taxonomy. It includes additional families, as well as representative examples on color plates.

    Nature Across Cultures: Views of Nature and the Environment in Non-western Cultures

    R5 024,00
    Consists of about 25 essays dealing with the environmental knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside of the US and Europe. This book includes articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, Thai, and Andean views of nature and the environment. It addresses the connections between nature and culture.