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    Sappi birds of South Africa

    R1 300,00
    The ultimate guide to all South African bird species: Pictorial, factual and audible! Sappi Birds of South Africa with Callfinder is for everyone and is especially useful for tour guides, trainers and game rangers.

    Truly, Madly, Deeply: Underwater Photography

    R1 500,00
    To capture an image of the crystal octopus, one of the ocean's rarest and most elusive creatures, became the goal in Ali bin Thalith's obsession with underwater marine photography. Over 10 years of searching has produced cornucopia of extraordinary deep sea images, of which over 100 are selected here, shot in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

    A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings

    R1 258,00 R1 412,11
    Harold Hill's achievement is to awaken us to the stark, compelling beauty of the moon, with its mighty ringwalls and glistening highlands.

    Biochemistry of Nonheme Iron

    R2 009,00

    Die Amazonenpapageien

    R1 246,00

    Ancient Natural History: Histories of Nature

    R1 075,00
    In this study, the author shows how ancient natural history was the gathering and presentation of historiae, items worthy of note by the philosopher, popularizer or marvel-monger. This work explains how the subject was treated by different societies; the Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians.

    Early Astronomy

    R2 208,00
    Many civilizations produced astronomical texts, and many cultures that left no written records, left monuments ranging from rock paintings to Stonehenge, that show a clear interest in astronomy. This text is the history of such cultures along with the discoveries of Galileo, Kepler and others.

    Physically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Physics and Astronomy

    R1 983,00
    A collection of quotations pertaining to physics and astronomy. It lets you discover what others have said on topics ranging from anti-matter to x-rays.

    Plant Life of Kentucky: An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora

    R1 807,00
    A comprehensive account of the native and naturalized ferns, flowering herbs, and woody plants of Kentucky. Ronald L. Jones has meticulously compiled detailed identification keys to families, genera, and species.

    Wolves of the World: Perspectives of Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

    R1 651,00
    Considers the behavior and ecology of wild wolves in North America, Europe, Eurasia, Israel, and Iran. This book also discusses wolf behavior in captivity and methods of conservation.

    Sharp Eyes: John Burroughs and American Nature Writing

    R1 086,00
    John Burroughs combined scientific observation with poetic spirit in his nature writing. This collection of essays explores Burrough's life and character, as well as his role as a writer and his relationships with contemporaries including Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson and Muir.