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    Story of Peter Silver

    R34 210,00

    The Pinch Runner Memorandum

    R3 637,00
    This novel offers a contemporary and explosive picture of the nuclear family, which pivots on the bizarre odyssey of a Japanese father and son.

    Sturm in Den Nebelwaldern

    R2 616,00

    Welcome, Son

    R51 324,00

    U Me & Fate : Binds & Breaks

    R3 251,00


    R32 004,00


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    R5 044,00

    Japanese Women Writers: Twentieth Century Short Fiction

    R3 637,00
    This collection includes translated works by Japanese women writers that deal with the experiences of modern women. The work of these women represents current feminist perception, imagination and thought.

    The Funeral of a Giraffe: Seven Stories

    R3 637,00
    A collection of short stories by scriptwriter-poet turned fiction writer Taeko Tomioka. Taeko deconstructs the discourse of the nuclear family and heterosexuality in gendered Japanese culture. Her stories focus on ordinary people unfettered by introspection or a search for life's ultimate meaning.