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    Welcome, Son

    R50 127,00

    The Pinch Runner Memorandum

    R3 553,00
    This novel offers a contemporary and explosive picture of the nuclear family, which pivots on the bizarre odyssey of a Japanese father and son.

    Story of Peter Silver

    R33 172,00

    Same-Sex Desire in Victorian Religious Culture

    R2 506,00 R2 839,57
    This text examines the role of Christian history in 19th-century definitions of homosexual identity. Frederick S. Roden charts the emergence of the modern homosexual in relation to religious, not exclusively sociological, discourses.


    R4 892,00

    U Me & Fate : Binds & Breaks

    R3 176,00

    Sturm in Den Nebelwaldern

    R2 556,00

    Tierra Oscura II

    R2 538,00


    R6 480,00 R6 634,40


    R31 033,00

    With Her in Ourland: Sequel to Herland

    R2 842,00
    This volume contains the full text of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's feminist utopian novel, as well as a sociological analysis of the text, in which it is suggested that strong women can resocialise men to be nurturant and cooperative.