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    PM Sounds in Words Set 2 Big Book

    R1 596,00

    Japanese Women Writers: Twentieth Century Short Fiction

    R1 039,00
    This collection includes translated works by Japanese women writers that deal with the experiences of modern women. The work of these women represents current feminist perception, imagination and thought.

    The Boy in the Bush

    R1 268,00
    Lawrence's rewriting of a tale by the part-time author Mollie Skinner.

    The Dark Side of Japanese Business: Three Industry Novels

    R1 039,00
    A collection of "industry novels" by Ikko Shimizu: "Keiretsu" is about an automobile parts manufacturer; "The Ibis Cage" is about geishas; and "Silver Sanctuary" is about bank employees. Each story addresses issues unique to its venue yet universal in the real world of Japanese business.

    Naturliche Schopfungsgeschichte

    R1 158,00

    Social Life in the Chinese

    R1 017,00

    Grossgriechenland Und Pythagoras

    R1 086,00

    Les Caracteres

    R1 029,00

    Erstklassige Menschen

    R1 070,00

    Erniedrigte Und Beleidigte

    R1 007,00