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    At Break of Day

    The captivating and elegant new novel from Elizabeth Speller, author of The Return of Captain John Emmett.

    Midsummer Magic

    The course of true love never did run smooth!

    The Hive

    Welcome to St Ambrose Primary School. A world of friendships, fights and feuding. And that's just the mothers...

    The Last Kings of Sark

    A stunning debut novel about complicated love, only children and missed opportunities, from an extraordinary new writer.

    Flat Water Tuesday

    A stunning saga of love, sport, and buried secrets Rob Carrey is a successful documentary filmmaker who has returned from a shoot to New York City, where he's prepared to separate from Carolyn, his long-time love. But when he finds an invitation to his boarding school reunion in his pile of mail, Rob begins a painful journey into his past--one that will alter the course of his life forever. Years ago, Rob was a scholarship student at the elite Fenton School, where he became a star member of the rowing team. Generations of Fenton men had led the rowing team, known as the God Four, to victory--and Rob would be no exception. But as the team's most important race drew near, and tempers and lusts reached the boiling point, Rob found himself in a dilemma: If he sacrifices everything to win he stands to lose everything that matters. Which is the right path--and where will it lead him and the ones he loves? That is the question at the heart of Ron Irwin's "Flat Water Tuesday," a deeply affecting novel about what it means to fight for love and victory, in sport and in life.

    The First Phone Call from Heaven

    A stunning and inspirational new novel from the bestselling author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays With Morrie.


    R69,00 R180,82
    London 1794. Revolution creeps across the channel, the coffee-houses brew gossip and the great City seethes with emigres, upstarts and opportunists. Among them, restless young women, two of whom want more than a husband...

    The Valley of Amazement

    An expansive, heartbreaking novel from the internationally bestselling author of 'The Joy Luck Club'.


    London, 1939.Eighteen-year-old Mari is defiant, strong-willed and selfish. She has craved independence her entire life and now, with the World on the brink of war, Mari has finally escaped the sleepy fishing village of her childhood in New Zealand. After passionately falling for Morgan, the cockney steward aboard ship on her voyage to England, she hastily dismisses him in favour of being taken out by handsome young pilots in the glamorous West end. But, without warning, the Blitz blows her new life apart. Now Mari has the chance to make a difference but can she learn from her mistakes in time?

    The Flavours of Love

    Eighteen months after her husband was killed, Saffron Mackleroy receives a letter from her husband's murderer, claiming innocence. And her fourteen-year-old daughter reveals a devastating secret. Is Saffron's life about to shatter like glass all over again? From the internationally bestselling author of The Rose Petal Beach.

    Be Safe I Love You

    A novel about the casualties of war - on the front lines, and at home

    The Churchill Secret KBO

    A story of great human triumph in the life of a much loved public figure, KBO: The Churchill Secret is the perfect novel for fans of The King's Speech.

    The Collector

    The UK Top Ten bestseller - a gripping novel of murder, drama ... and love. From the legendary Nora Roberts

    The Visitors

    'It's Death on the Nile meets Downton Abbey, as the action moves between Highclere Castle and Egypt's Valley of the Kings ... A gripping story touching on friendship, scholarship, love and family' Daily Mail

    Winter of the World

    Five linked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century


    Neely was once star quarterback for Messina High School's football team but his playing days ended with an injury. For 15 years he's been trying to forget his past as sporting hero but hasn't been able to move on. That is until the man who moulded him, Coach Eddie Rake is dying and Neely returns to