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    The park

    R220,00 R260,00
    Rebecca doesnÆt expect to make new friends at this stage of her life. But when she becomes mother to little Amy, she finds herself spending her afternoons in the park. There she meets other mothers: first flamboyant, fun Rose, and then single-mom Lilith, whose inner strength is tangible, and whose eyes never leave her toddler.

    The life of Worm & other misconceptions

    R225,00 R250,00
    A new publication by acclaimed author Ken Barris. The stories in this collection combine the quotidian with the surreal: the title story centres on a dog called Worm; in another, a husband and wife quarrel over a plugless lamp. Lyrical yet humorous, these stories concretise the human condition via the authorÆs characteristically unfettered style.


    R220,00 R260,00
    Barry James is detained in a quarantine facility in the blistering heat of the Great Karoo. Here he exists in two worlds: the discordant and unforgiving reality of his incarceration and the lyrical, snowy landscapes of his dreams. He has cut all ties with his previous life, his health is failing, and he has given up all hope.

    The yearning

    R135,00 R160,00
    How long does it take for scars to heal? How long does it take for a scarred memory to fester and rise to the surface? For Marubini, the question is whether scars ever heal when you forget they are there to begin with.

    Being Kari

    R216,00 R240,00
    When Kari's husband reveals heÆs been unfaithful, everything comes crashing down. And to top it all, she receives a call from her estranged brother û after ten years of silence. She swaps her bikini for a burka, goes back to her traditional, religious family and becomes Karima Essop once again. Will Kari's two identities ever see eye to eye?

    A handful of earth

    R193,00 R220,00
    A Handful of Earth is also the story of AbrahamÆs friendship with Kobus Venter, and Joseph Booysen, formerly Boyisana, a Xhosa man from the Ciskei who tries to raise his family as æcolouredÆ to give them a better start to life.