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    Back to Villa Park

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    The story takes place on the day of DirkÆs eighteenth birthday, when he has applied for a position in a youth training programme at Kagiso Holdings. At seventeen, and without finishing school, he had hitchhiked back to Johannesburg, where he lived with his parents until he was twelve years old.


    R79,00 R240,00
    Elijah Rolene is a lost man. Following the death of his wife, he quits his job as a police pilot and turns to prescription painkillers for comfort. Not content to watch him destroy his life, his veterinarian sister convinces him to help out at her animal shelter.

    Cry baby

    R29,00 R250,00
    As he nears his fifth birthday, Sam's curious dreams of a lost child begin to steal quietly into his waking state. Sam's mother, Grace, watches with growing fear the disturbing changes taking place in her charming, spirited son - the fighting at school, the bed-wetting, the meteor showers of defiance.

    My beautiful death

    R49,00 R200,00
    Konstant Wasserman rebels against his people, culture and country. In his own words: I'm going to get the hell away from here and make the life I want somewhere else.

    Night crossing

    R39,00 R235,00
    The author deals with dawn and dusk, day and night, land and sea. Many poems in this volume concern the death of her husband, but the volume itself celebrates life by work of vibrant transformation.


    R39,00 R290,00
    When Marlouw's sister instructs him to fetch her son from "that bloody country". So with his club foot and hardened spirit, he travels from Australia believing it his fate to carry out this mission.

    The The scent of bliss

    R39,00 R210,00
    The scent of bliss hints at a childhood memoir, as much as it is a love tale that explores human anguish and survival, of absurdities that define the human condition. Manic depressive narrator Q is orphaned at a tender age of thirteen - grows to teach literature, and in the process courts an older woman.


    R49,00 R260,00
    On a winter's afternoon Gertruida returns to Kiepersolkloof after her mother and father's funeral in town. Her heart rejoices. They were not her mother and father. They were Abel and Susarah. People who walked with God. At the same time walking arm in arm with Satan.


    R20,00 R170,00
    Lars thinks heÆs found a fool proof plan to earn money from pool clubs without having to do much work. But what starts out as a simple plan soon puts him on the wrong side of Costas, a Greek club owner whose wrong side you just donÆt want to be on.

    Shark's Egg

    R20,00 R214,00
    A dark coming-of-age story set in Cape Town, Shark's Egg tells the story of Anna's schoolgirl friendship with the magnetic, destructive Leah, and their ambiguous adult relationship. Alan, Anna's first lover, becomes the focus of a moral and sexual struggle between them as adults - played out against the menacing backdrop of the sea.

    The unlikely genius of Dr Cuthbert Kambazuma

    R29,00 R200,00
    The price of a bag of mangoes has just hit twenty thousand dollars in Zimbabwe. Incensed, hospital bus-driver Teddington Chiwafambira has become a man capable of anything.

    Time out

    Time out is an interesting thematic development in the novels of Marita van der Vyver. She had previously investigated the themes of love and being together (eros), and then she worked with the death of a mother-in-the-text.


    R49,00 R167,50
    Kendall Mullins hates high school, almost as much as he hates the situation at home, but that all changes when Craig Baumgarten joins his class.

    What kind of child

    Bernal Diaz del Castillo is a tattoo artist who is five hundred years old, or believes he is five hundred years old. His mind is filled with images of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. He lives in Cape Town, working out of a tiny studio in Long Street.

    Entertaining angels

    R39,00 R295,00
    Griet's life is on a downward spiral. She's lost her baby, her husband has thrown her out and her suicide attempt is thwarted by a cockroach û yet her sense of humour remains intact.


    R59,00 R415,00
    In this title about a hospital experience the text and visual images offer parallel narratives that resonate poignantly with each other.