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    You Just Fight for Your Life: The Story of Lester Young

    R2 840,00
    Offers a reconstruction of Young's life and career, drawing information from newspaper accounts, oral history tapes and interviews with musicians who played with Young.

    Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia: The Tragedy of Longevity

    R4 414,00
    A biography of Habib Bourguiba intended to be an introduction to the life and work of the man, deliberately aimed at the generally informed reader. No previous knowledge of North African history is assumed. The structure of the book is a mix of straight narrative and analysis by theme.

    Post-Keynesian Essays in Biography: Portraits of Twentieth-century Political Economists

    R3 850,00
    A collection of intellectual biographies of economists, which the author has written over the last 16 years, focusing on their contributions to economics as well as their background and personal characteristics. The author has also written "On Political Economists and Modern Political Economy".

    The Papers of Abraham Lincoln: Legal Documents and Cases

    R7 100,00
    Before his presidency, from 1836 to 1861, Abraham Lincoln practiced law in the courts of central Illinois. This title addresses his quarter-century law career. It presents documents from more than fifty of Lincoln's important, or representative cases.

    Emile Cohl, Caricature, and Film

    R3 012,00

    The British Academy/the Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens: Volume 9: 1859-1861

    R7 153,00
    This ninth volume presents about 1,100 letters, many unpublished, from the years 1859 to 1861. It records the writing of two major novels "Great Expectations" and "A Tale of Two Cities", and gives an insight into them both.

    Montaigne's Career

    R4 285,00
    This book explores the practical world in which the writer and his peers worked, following Montaigne through his various roles as manager, magistrate, diplomat and mayor. The author examines the sources of income available to 16th century writers and their involvement in the financial and editorial aspects of publishing itself.

    The Collected Letters of Thomas Hardy: Volume 5: 1914-1919

    R3 222,00
    Winner of the Thomas Hardy Society Book Prize.

    The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens: Volume 3: 1842-1843

    R7 153,00
    The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens Volume 3. 1842-1843

    A Coleridge Chronology

    R3 649,00
    This chronological account of the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge is built up from contemporary documents including the letters and journals of the writer and of his family and friends. Maps, a family tree and an index are included along with over 50 biographical sketches of the Coleridge circle.

    The Scientific Legacy of Fred Hoyle

    R2 636,00
    This book looks at the influence Fred Hoyle's research has had on advances in astronomy and cosmology.

    E.M.Forster: Interviews and Recollections

    R3 850,00
    Offers a wide view of E.M. Forster's character as observed and remembered by college associates, close friends, chance acquaintances and fellow writers. These 46 pieces, some published for the first time, variously reveal facets of his private and public personalities.

    Early Responses to Hume's Life and Reputation

    R12 100,00
    Hume's biographers have drawn liberally on this material, but in most cases the original sources are only summarized or briefly quoted. This set presents dozens of these biographically-related discussions of Hume in their most complete form, reset, annotated and introduced by James Fieser.


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