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    My Family and Other Animals

    R162,00 R190,00
    Originally published: London: Hart-Davis, 1956.

    The Diary of Lena Mukhina: A Girl's Life in the Siege of Leningrad

    R242,00 R285,00
    The heartbreaking diary of a sixteen-year-old Russian high school student who was living in Leningrad during the Nazi siege that began in 1941.

    Dragons & butterflies

    R234,00 R275,00
    Shani Krebs didnÆt fall in with a bad crowd û he was the bad crowd. Born to Hungarian refugees in Joburg, Shani had a tough childhood. During his national service he started dabbling in drugs and it wasnÆt long before he was supplying the Joburg party scene with marijuana, LSD, mandrax and cocaine.

    Cider with Rosie

    R169,00 R199,00
    An autobiographical trilogy of the poet Laurie Lee (1914-1997). It describes his life in the Gloucestershire village of Slad from his earliest years until he was twenty. It tells of thin winters, fat summers, local legends and ghosts, of neighbours and relations, and of growing up against a half-pagan landscape.

    Have You Been Good?: A Memoir

    R187,00 R220,00
    A powerful memoir from the granddaughter of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, chronicling holidays at Sissinghurst, reckless youth, and the tragic loss of her 19-year-old daughter Rosa

    Terrified: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Girl Nobody Loved and the Woman Who Saved Her

    R145,00 R170,00
    The first book in a series by foster mum Angela Hart who, along with her husband Jonathan, has fostered over fifty children in the past 27 years.

    Third world child

    R213,00 R250,00
    æThis is the story of my world or, more accurately, the worlds in which I live.Æ GG AlcockÆs parents, Creina and Neil, were humanitarians who gave up comfortable lives to move to rural Zululand.

    Out of Orange: A Memoir

    R230,00 R270,00

    The Midwife's Sister: The Story of Call the Midwife's Jennifer Worth by Her Sister Christine

    R145,00 R170,00
    The story of Jennifer Worth, of Call the Midwife, and her sister Christine Lee

    Yes Please

    R169,00 R199,00
    A memoir in essays in the bestselling tradition of Tina Fey's Bossypants and Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman

    Doing life with Mandela

    R196,00 R230,00
    The two of them û one a young white warder, the other serving a life sentence - should have become bitter enemies. Instead they formed an extraordinary friendship through small acts of human kindness.

    Smiles from Around the World: The World is Beautiful and Connected

    How do human beings show their love? With smiles! Ingrid Marn has been travelling the world since she was a child, capturing people in diverse locations and situations, yet with so much in common. This book is a celebration of life and humanity, containing the heart-warming affirmation that we are positively and delightfully all connected.


    R89,00 R105,00
    Growing up in Rhodesia in the 1960s, Peter Godwin inhabited a frightening world of leopard-hunting, witch doctors, and forest fires.