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    The Case for Impeachment

    R196,00 R230,00
    Professor Allan J. Lichtman, who has correctly forecasted thirty years of presidential elections, makes the case for impeaching the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump

    The man who founded the ANC

    R245,00 R280,00
    It is well known that the African National Congress was formed in 1912 and is considered the oldest political organisation on the African continent. What is often not widely known is that the person who founded it was one Pixley ka Isaka Seme, a thirty-year-old black South African from Inanda outside the city of Durban.

    The Ten Types of Human: A New Understanding of Who We are, and Who We Can be

    R298,00 R340,00
    An examination of human nature. It looks at the best and worst that human beings are capable of, and asks why. It explores the frontiers of the human experience, excavating the forces that shape our thoughts and actions in extreme situations. It is at once a provocation and a roadmap of the hidden parts of us.

    Trials: On Death Row in Pakistan

    R201,00 R230,00
    Isabel Buchanan, a twenty-three-year-old Scottish lawyer, moved to Pakistan to work in a new legal chambers in Lahore. The chambers was run by a determined thirty-three-year-old Pakistani lawyer, Sarah Belal, who had finally found her calling in defending inmates on Pakistan's death row.

    Shariah Law: Questions and Answers

    R259,00 R305,00
    An illuminating introductory volume on a system of law that has often been characterised as backward and brutal by opponents in the West

    Economyths: 11 Ways Economics Gets it Wrong

    R179,00 R210,00
    A brand-new edition of David Orrell's acclaimed critique of what economics gets very wrong

    Caught in the Web of the Criminal Justice System: Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Sex Offenses

    R457,00 R767,45
    Arguing for reform in the judicial treatment of people convicted of sex offenses, this book examines how sentencing policies are based on emotion rather than research. Using the lens of harsh sex offense prosecutions of those with developmental disabilities, this book highlights the hysteria underlying our approach to sex offenses.

    The Global War on Tobacco: Mapping the World's First Public Health Treaty

    Aimed at public health professionals and students, The Global War on Tobacco is a fascinating look at how international relations is changing to respond to the modern global marketplace and protect human health.

    Family Justice in View

    The June 2007 consultation paper "Confidence & Confidentiality: Openness in Family Courts - A New Approach (Cm. 7131)" closed on 1 October 2007. This command paper presents the post-consultation paper for the June 2007 consultation paper.

    Private Security and the Law

    R907,00 R1 074,43
    Provides analysis of practices in the security industry as they relate to law, regulation, licensure, and constitutional questions of case and statutory authority. This book describes the legal requirements faced in the area of private security. It emphasizes the liability problems common to security operations.

    Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know

    R228,00 R260,17

    Transitional Justice

    Should a society punish its ancient regime or let bygones be bygones? This work takes this question to a level with an interdisciplinary approach that challenges the very terms of the contemporary debate. It explores the recurring dilemma of how regimes should respond to evil rule, arguing against the prevailing view favoring punishment.

    Us and Them?: The Dangerous Politics of Immigration Control

    Us and Them? explores the distinction between migrant and citizen through using the concept of 'the community of value'. The challenges of migration go to the heart of equality, rights, freedom, and membership. These are not only matters for migrants but go to the heart of citizens' politics.

    Selwyn's Law of Employment

    Thorough and practical in its treatment of individual and collective employment law issues. Selwyn's Law of Employment delivers broad and consistently detailed coverage of the topics, making it the ideal reference tool for students and practitioners.

    Principles of Financial Regulation

    R900,00 R993,72
    Examining the subject from a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective, Principles of Financial Regulation considers the underlying policies and the objectives of financial regulation.