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    The Adventures of Tintin: Volume 6

    R249,00 R290,00
    Destination Moon Tintin and Captain Haddock are amazed to find that Professor Calculus is planning a top-secret project from the Sprodj Atomic Research Centre in Syldavia. And before our intrepid hero knows it, the next stop on this adventure is... space.

    Bedtime Stories


    Storiemuis: Boek 4


    Z is vir Zackie: Die beste boomhuis

    R68,00 R85,00
    Zackie en Vincent bou Æn boomhuis. Zackie se suster en haar maat wil ook daarin speel. Daarom maak hulle Æn bordjie waarop staan: GEEN MEISIES! Sal hulle die meisies uit hul boomhuis kan hou?

    Dagboek van 'n Wimpy kid kamerkoors

    R110,00 R140,00
    Greg Heffley is in groot moeilikheid in Dagboek van Æn Wimpy Kid: Kamerkoors. Skooleiendom is beskadig en hy is die hoofverdagte in die saak. Maar hy is egter onskuldig, of eintlik, redelik onskuldig. Die owerhede stel ondersoek in maar Æn frats sneeustorm tref die dorp en die Heffley-familie word binnenshuis ingeperk.

    Dirty Bertie 10 Book Pack

    Dirty Bertie surely ranks alongside Horrid Henry as one of the naughtiest boys in children's books and here are 10 books focusing on his antics that are sure to have your children laughing uncontrollably. Trouble is never far away when Dirty Bertie's around and this combined with his disgusting habits makes for delightfully gross reads that will even appeal to reluctant readers. Written by Alan Macdonald and illustrated by David Roberts, these are hilarious stories about a grubby little boy.

    Mimi the Laughter Fairy: Book 3: The Friendship Fairies

    R49,00 R125,00
    Join Rachel and Kirsty as they help their new fairy friends keep the magic of friendship alive for all!


    R167,00 R185,00
    Hierdie reeks bevat pragtige volkleurillustrasies en wemel van stories, ryme, liedjies en leersame elemente. Die boek word vergesel deur 'n oudio-CD met 'n voorlesing, liedjies en vele meer. In Boek 6 is daar nog syfer- en letterpret, kleure, vorms, prentstories, geluide, rympies, sowel as heerlike stories. Kom luister, lees en leer saam!

    Middle School: Hollywood 101

    R50,00 R60,00
    Just when school was at its suckiest, things take a turn for the better when a cool, mysterious new girl shows up. Not only that, she actually wants to be my friend! But, you guessed it, things aren't that simple. And when HOLLYWOOD suddenly rolls into Hills Village, things get very weird very fast.

    The Sun is Also a Star

    R155,00 R180,00
    Natasha: I'm a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Daniel: I've always been the good son, the good student, living up to my parents' high expectations. But when I see her, I forget about all that. Something about Natasha makes me think that fate has something much more extraordinary in store - for both of us.

    Spirou & Fantasio: 5: Marsupilami Thieves

    R159,00 R247,84
    The fabled Marsupilami has been stolen from the zoo!

    Tom Gates Collection Liz Pichon 8 Books Set

    Tom Gates 8 Books set are specially designed for young readers which depicts the story of a boy who loves doodling and accomplish fun experiments. Titles in This Set The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff), Everything's Amazing (sort of), Genius Ideas (Mostly), Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (At Some Things), Extra Special Treats ( . . . not), Tom Gates A Tiny Bit Lucky, Tom Gates Yes No (Maybe..)

    The Fall

    R59,00 R100,00
    First of a thrilling fantasy adventure series set on the Dark World, where society is ranked according to its colour clan and the most precious commodity is light. In all the world there is only one place that ever sees the sun. A seven-towered castle built upon a mountain high above the desolate ice lands below.

    Skinny Melon and Me

    R59,00 R95,00
    This is the first title in Jean Ure's acclaimed series of humorous, delightful and poignant stories written in the form of diaries and letters which make them immediately accessible to children.

    Puzzle for the Secret Seven

    R59,00 R59,95
    This Secret Seven adventure has been reissued to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Enid Blyton. It is published in its original form.

    Charlie Small: The Barbarous Brigands of Frostbite Pass

    R59,00 R80,00
    Charlie Small rocketed out of the strange and dark Underworld and over desert sands and a snowy white mountain range. With a table cloth over his head and a cushion strapped round his bottom, Charlie parachuted right into the middle of a small, swampy island.