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    Doen dit weer so

    R112,00 R140,00
    Doen dit weer so isÆn samestelling van Vrouekeur se gewilde wenkerubriek. Die weeklikse rubriek benadruk die idee dat jy met min baie kan doen. DaarÆs wenke vir jou kombuis, sitkamer, kamer en badkamer. En die helde van die boek? Suurlemoen, asyn en koeksoda! Jy kan feitlik enigiets daarmee skoonmaak.


    R213,00 R250,00
    Africanismo celebrates the creativity and ingenious resourcefulness borne out of a continent that is both beautiful and harsh. It embraces the spirit and soulfulness of all who live in southern Africa and the inspiration they provide one another daily.

    Spaces for Work

    R220,00 R231,41
    With the rise in people working from home, home offices have become more common. The challenge is to maintain a professional space, while still having it remain part of your home. This book shows how to meet such challenges.

    How to Make A Home

    A thoughtful look at what it means to build a home.

    Good Homes 101 Ways with Flowers: Stylish Home Ideas

    R150,00 R160,00
    Fresh flowers bring life and character to a room, but how do you make sure they look their best and last more than a day or two? This title includes ideas for many things, from combining different colour and flower shapes to making the best use of vases. It is divided into 8 sections, covering different styles - using minimum of materials.

    Living in Bali

    Balinese homes in harmony with nature. Loved by travelers for its lush, tropical scenery, and charming people, Bali is considered to be one of the most magnificent places on earth. When it comes to Balinese houses, walls are not compulsory, wood is everywhere. This title takes you in a world without walls.

    The Newlyweds' Guide to Setting Up Home

    R154,00 R299,00
    Setting up a first home can be daunting and expensive, especially if you are on a budget. This work looks at the various aspects of creating a beautiful living space, from selecting different kinds of lights to choosing the best ideas for storage, as well as ideas for decorating with neutrals or colour.

    Plastic Canvas Flower Coasters


    Tips for Vintage Style

    Covering kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms and even home offices, this book offers practical and inspirational advice to show you the smallest steps that can make the biggest differences. It teaches how to: use up leftover wallpaper and fabric; make your bathroom a haven; find the best old furniture and kitchenware; and more.

    Fix Your Home: Turn Your Pad into a Palace

    R174,00 R205,00

    Making Cushion Covers

    R217,00 R324,83
    Make 26 gorgeous cushion covers with Debbie Shore's easy, tried-and-tested techniques.

    Table Settings

    R184,00 R229,90
    100 creative styling ideas

    Decorative Tassels and How to Make Them

    R199,00 R244,07
    A unique guide to the exquisite art of passementerie, with practical projects and 350 step-by-step photographs.

    Crazy for Breakfast Sandwiches: 75 Delicious, Handheld Meals Hot Out of Your Sandwich Maker

    R217,00 R232,17
    Starting in 1972 with the first Egg McMuffin, breakfast sandwiches have grown to be incredibly popularity with millions purchased every week. Now thanks to the new appliance and this book's 101 mouth-watering recipes, fans can quickly and easily make their own tastier, healthy and more creative versions at home.

    Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills

    Raleigh Briggs collects her zines, illustrations, and thoughts around what it is that makes a great DIY householdahomemade cleaning solvents that aren't made from poison, herbs that will heal you, and how to setup a great garden. These tips and tricks fill in the gaps for those of us longing to live this lifestyle but lacking the necesary know-how.