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    Sounds of the African bush

    Animals are often heard before they are spotted, and this book serves as an excellent guide to help identify 76 creatures (mammals, birds, amphibians and insects), based primarily on their calls. For each of the species listed, there is a full-colour photograph, distribution map and brief facts about its life history and behaviour.

    Gardening for butterflies

    Eco-friendly gardening is fast catching on. Butterflies are visible signs of a healthy garden, and, with their whimsical flight patterns and glorious colours, they are among the most alluring of our aerial visitors.

    Butterflies and Moths

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    Helps you discover over 325 species of butterfly and moth found in Britain and Northwest Europe from the Short-tailed Blue Butterfly to the Winter Moth. This guides includes in-situ photographs and notes covering both anatomy and identifying marks that will help you identify them in the field quickly and accurately.


    Supremely colourful, among the most voracious predators of the insect world and on the wing for more than 300 million years, dragonflies and damselflies capture the imagination in so many ways. This book includes chapters on hunting, courtship and the emergence of the nymphs and their subsequent transformation into adult dragonflies.

    The Bee Book: The Wonder of Bees. How to Protect Them. Beekeeping Know-How

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    Bees are a marvel of nature and vital to human existence. This book offers startling insights into the lives of bees and shows how we can best support and benefit from their presence in our gardens and hives. It includes recipes for simple home remedies and beauty treatments using honey, wax and propolis, such as a honey and clay facial mask.

    The Queen Must Die: And Other Affairs of Bees and Men

    "An engaging collection of observations about honeybees and their activities."-Publishers Weekly

    D'Amboinsche Rariteitkamer


    The Natural History of Flies

    "An admirable job... No such survey has previously been available in English." --Howard E. Evans, Scientific American

    Insects of East Africa

    R140,00 R160,00
    Insects have a greater impact on human lives and livelihoods than any other group of organisms. This guide will help you to identify insects that are frequently encountered, very striking or ecologically important in the region.