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    The Drowned and the Saved

    Primo Levi's devastating and classic account of what it meant to have survived the Holocaust.

    Transparency in Postwar France: A Critical History of the Present

    R1 984,00
    This book argues against the widely celebrated utopia of "transparency" by showing, across a panorama of postwar French thought, how attempts to show the perils of transparency in politics, ethics, and knowledge led to major conceptual inventions, many of which we now take for granted.

    Thailand: Shifting Ground Between the US and a Rising China

    R308,00 R438,80
    An authoritative modern history of the Thai regime's shifting external alliances and the country's deepening internal divisions.

    Empire and Nationhood: The United States, Great Britain, and Iranian Oil, 1950-1954

    Heiss provides the most detailed account available of the 1951 seizure of British oil holdings in Iran by prime minister Mohammed Mossadegh, a turning point in cold war history.

    A Retrospect on the Dust-Laden History: The Past and Present of Tekong Island in Singapore

    Describes how Pulau Tekong Island developed during the early 20th century. This title describes where the ethnic groups came from, how they settled down, worked and lived together, and the relationship among different ethnic groups, like the Malay and Chinese (including Hakka and Chouchouese ) over the years.

    New York, Year by Year: A Chronology of the Great Metropolis

    R2 064,00
    A cornucopia of the familiar and the forgotten, the historic and the ephemeral, the heroic and the banal. This handy reference work takes us from Verrazano's arrival in 1524 into the November 2001 election of a new mayor for the new millennium.

    Tariff Wars and the Politics of Jacksonian America

    Exploring the era when taxation battles spilled beyond the halls of Congress and gave rise to democracy before the Civil War

    3 Para

    Afghanistan in the summer of 2006. In blazing heat in remote outposts the 3 Para battlegroup is pitted against a stubborn enemy who keep on coming. Until now, the full story of what happened there has not been told. This is it.

    Witnessing Waterloo: 24 Hours, 48 Lives, a World Forever Changed

    R217,00 R275,00
    [Previously published as 'Went The Day Well'] 'Of all the books marking the bicentenary Waterloo, this has to be the best' Spectator 'A book to die for' Evening Standard From Samuel Johnson Prize shortlisted author David Crane, this is a breathtaking portrait of the Britain that fought the battle of Waterloo.