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    Handbook for Grade R teaching

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    This comprehensive textbook for reception year and foundation phase for teacher education students and teachers is based on The Reception Year, previously published by Heinemann. The focus in this book is throughout on how the child needs to explore the world through play.

    Teaching Practice

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    The book should give first year students a global view of what lies ahead in terms of practical training. It also sets out the exact requirements for each particular year to encourage students to get ahead and make the most of their study opportunities.

    Teaching grade R

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    The reception year, before a child starts formal schooling in Grade 1, is critical in a child's development. It is in the Grade R year that the teacher has a unique opportunity to enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will shape the child's later academic success. A high-quality Grade R programme is therefore very important.

    Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe: 2014

    This is an annually updated presentation of each sovereign country in Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe, past and present.

    Mentoring at-Risk Students Through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education

    This book is focused on the mentoring process, a popular higher education initiative that is often used to promote retention and academic success. The central purpose is to unveil the hidden curriculum and provide a blueprint for both students and teachers on how to navigate the institutional culture of higher education.

    Knowledge in the blood

    How is it that young Afrikaners, born at the time of MandelaÆs release from prison, hold firm views about a past they never lived, rigid ideas about black people and fatalistic thoughts about the future?

    Appropriating the Discourse of Social Justice in Teacher Education

    R1 063,00
    This book validates the claim that the process of reproduction of social inequalities in teacher education is not a perfect, static process, but on the contrary, the real "seeds of transformation" within teacher education departments are abundant.

    Publishing Pedagogies for the Doctorate and Beyond

    R557,00 R655,00
    An informative collection of practical and theorised examples of pedagogies that encourage doctoral student publishing.

    The Lecturer's Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Assessment, Learning and Teaching

    R383,00 R450,00
    Suitable for teachers in higher education, this title covers key topics including: learning styles, assessment, lecturing, large & small group teaching, personal management skills, formative feedback, blended learning, resource based & online learning; & peer observation of teaching.

    Stella Iuris

    This commemorative work marks the hundredth year in which law has been taught at the University in Pietermaritzburg. It details the history of the teaching of law in Pietermaritzburg, and gathers contributions from top academics connected in various ways with the Faculty in Pietermaritzburg.

    Grant Writing: Practical Strategies for Scholars and Professionals

    A first of its kind, this book provides you everything you need to know about successfully navigating the grant writing process.

    The Europa World of Learning 2016

    R16 027,00 R18 855,00