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    Real meal revolution: Banting 2.0

    R160,00 R190,00
    The Real Meal Revolution returns to bookstores with a comprehensive, authoritative handbook on the Banting lifestyle, incorporating the latest science on LCHF eating, gut health, gluten sensitivity, fasting and more.

    The low-carb creed

    As The Real Meal Revolution continues to change lives, The Low-Carb Creed seeks to provide further important information on the lifestyle. It provides a meal plan, updated lists and a full manifesto (called The Creed). It covers common stumbling blocks to weight loss, basic cooking techniques and mouth-watering recipes.

    Family Medical Companion


    Parenting checklist

    R200,00 R250,00
    Parenting Checklist is a handbook that draws on the authorÆs experience as a parent and school teacher. It is aimed at empowering parents who are raising young school-going children, ages 4 to 11.

    Tissue salts for healthy living

    R145,00 R170,00
    Tissue Salts are a group of 12 minerals that should be present in our bodies to ensure good health and well-being. These salts are found naturally in the earth's rocks and soil, and are present in food grown organically in mineral-rich soils.

    Tissue salts for anti-ageing

    Tissue salts are minerals that our bodies need to ensure optimal health. They are found in the EarthÆs rocks and soil, and in food that is grown organically in mineralrich soil. Considered to be the basic constituents of our bones, blood, organs and muscles, they are easily absorbed by the human body, with no side-effects.

    Omvattende familie gesondheidsgids

    R20,00 R379,00
    Omvattende familie gesondheidgids is 'n volledige en toeganklike gids wat die hele gesin se gesondheid bespreek.

    A Guide to Back Pain

    R49,00 R129,28
    A Guide to Back Pain book provides straightforward, useful information about the workings of the human back and the things that may go wrong to cause pain. It provides guidance on the alleviation and management of such pain.

    Weefselsoute vir kinders

    Die 12 belangrikste weefselsoute is minerale wat perfek gebalanseerd in ons liggame teenwoordig behoort te wees om optimale gesondheid te verseker. Hierdie merkwaardige soute kom in die aarde se gesteentes en grond voor en in gewasse wat organies in mineraalryke grond verbou is.

    Vroue, bly gesond lewenslank

    R79,00 R249,00
    Raadpleeg 'n span hoogs gerespekteerde vrouedokters en kry betroubare, gerusstellende advies oor al jou vrae en kwellings rakende jou gesondheid. Vind uit hoekom vroue anders as mans geaffekteer word deur sommige toestande.

    Women's Health

    R25,00 R40,50
    In a world where there is an esclading awareness of health issues, where weare confronted with complex medical terms and procedures, readily accessible and up-to-date sources of information are essential. The Family Medical services privide a comprehensive and concise approch to key aspects of health.

    Vital Signs for Cancer: How to Prevent, Reverse and Monitor the Cancer Process

    R129,00 R195,00
    If you are concerned about cancer, Vital Signs gives new information and hope. It presents a radical new concept - a complementary approach to preventing, monitoring and reversing the cancer process.

    Combat Fat for Kids: The Whole-Family Approach to Optimal Health

    R69,00 R235,00
    "Combat Fat for Kids" offers an alternative plan of action for parents to help their children become more aware of good decisions and initiate solid solutions to improve the health of the entire family and beat the deadly disease of childhood obesity.

    Take Control of Your Endometriosis: Help Relieve Symptoms With Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes.

    R99,00 R325,00
    A guide to empower women to manage their endometriosis. It shows how making informed choices can improve wellbeing through diet and lifestyle changes and can personally vouch for the positive difference these alterations can make to the health of endometriosis sufferers.