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    A Greener Life

    R40,00 R350,00
    A guide to being self sufficient, covering a range a topics from the green outdoors, to rearing and cooking wild food and livestock. It teaches you how to become more energy efficient and how to make the most of the nature that surrounds you whether you live in the town or countryside.

    A greener tomorrow

    R123,00 R145,00
    Just in time for Spring, this gem of a book will be released in the first week of September 2014. You know you should be doing something to help save our planet, but it sounds hard, something that you will tackle another day. Going green all at once is too much for almost anyone to achieve.

    Imperfectly Natural Woman: Getting Life Right the Natural Way

    Presents ideas for green living including: environmentally friendly living; organic food and clothing; alternative medicine; natural beauty; chemical free cleaning; holistic therapies; and, more.

    I'm Still Standing: Life's for Living

    This book is a way of raising the profile of amputees, continuing the legacy of the Paralympics by giving hope and inspiration for the future, spreading the message that everyone can overcome anything with enough determination.

    The Soul Mender: Arise and Shine

    The Soul Mender is about getting unstuck when you feel there is no way out. It is the winning over of your mind and destroying the demon which has been holding you back by breaking free. Depending on your choice, you are either the winner or you allow failure to choose for you. Elizabeth will inspire you on a winning journey.

    Worms at Work: Harnessing the Awesome Power of Worms with Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

    R357,00 R420,00
    Fertilize your garden naturally--a guide to growing your plants in healthy, happy soil

    Chicken Poop for the Soul: In Search of Food Sovereignty

    R404,00 R438,80
    In 2008, alarmed by the impact agro-business was having on Canadian food quality and security, the author decided to take control of her own food source. She ploughed under her land, converted her garage for chickens and learned to hunt, fish, gather and preserve her own food. This book tells her story of success, failure and determination.

    Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didnt Know You Could Eat

    Foraged food is surprising in its flavour, unusual texture, fresh colour and nutritional value. As more people become familiar with the idea of finding food in the woods, lakeside, or on their favorite hiking trail, they begin to notice the world around them in a new way. This title deals with this topic.

    Soil * Soul * Society: A New Trinity for Our Time

    R240,00 R339,00
    We are all members of a one-earth society, and caring for the earth and soul is interrelated. This is the message of Satish Kumar, the internationally-respected peace and environment activist who has been gently setting the agenda for change for over 50 years. In Soil, Soul & Society, Satish presents the new trinity for our age of sustainability.

    Little House in the Suburbs: Backyard Farming and Home Skills for Self-Sufficient Living

    R351,00 R352,60
    teaches readers how to incorporate homestead ideals into their lives while staying within the comfort of the suburbs. In this title, readers learn the fundamentals of gardening, including what, when and how to plant, whether it's container gardening, raised-bed gardening, traditional gardening or anything in between.

    Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design

    Do you wish to creatively engage with the wickedly complex problems of today, while not adding to the mess? Stefan Geyer shows how permaculture, infused by insights from the Zen tradition, can be a modern method of liberation from our society's present woes.

    The New Homesteader: How to Create a Self-Sufficient Home Farm, Grow Your Own Produce and Raise Livestock

    R400,00 R457,87
    The New Homesteader provides all the knowledge necessary for anyone thinking of embracing a self-sustaining lifestyle and starting their own homestead or urban farm - or even just tending their own plot to provide fresh ingredients throughout the year.