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    Vin de Constance with Michel Roux Jr.

    R79,00 R195,00
    This is a title about the marriage of food and wine; of icons and ideas. A marriage that spans geographical barriers to create sensuous pleasure.

    Fruit art

    R29,00 R275,00
    Fruit art promises to raise eyebrows, satisfy the senses and thrill everyone who books, quick and interesting recipes, edgy styling, and photographs that push the creativity envelope.


    R155,00 R180,00
    'This book will allow you to eat your words ... literally.' There is an indelible connection between food and language, and therefore between food and people. We are social beings, made to interconnect, interact, share and converse.

    Gourmet safari

    R89,00 R295,00
    Have you ever wondered what makes up a typical day in a luxury safari lodge in Africa? Apart from the excitement of sighting one of the Big Five while out on a game drive or guided walk in the bush, there is much more to what makes the safari experience so special and memorable.

    Zhoozsh! Faking it

    R79,00 R220,00
    Like their first book, Zhoozsh! Faking it is anecdotal and includes 61 recipes divided into starters, salads and soups, main dishes (comprising meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes, as well as many casseroles), desserts and titbits that don't fall into the other categories, such as Potato Bread and Zhoozshed Biltong.

    500 pasta dishes

    R39,00 R140,00
    One of the many things that makes pasta so popular is its incredible versatility. It can be served in a soup, stu?ed with a delicious ?lling, layered and baked, or tossed in a sauce. It can also be combined with fresh or cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pulses, ?sh, and seafood. Even left over pasta cam be made into a tasty frittata.

    Halfaampieskraal vier fees

    R99,00 R345,00
    Kos en geselligheid op 'n bekende plaas in die Overberg - 'n fees vir die oog en 'n inspirasie om self heerlik fees te vier. Halfaampieskraal, op die stowwerige Overbergpad deur die graanlande van die Suidwes-Kaap, is 'n tweehonderd-en-vyftig jaar oue plaas waarop vandag nog geboer word.

    Halfaampieskraal celebrates

    R99,00 R345,00
    A visual feast of food, friendship and festivities on a South African farm. When the red star adorns the sign to the farm the neighbours know that something is being celebrated.