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    Food Lovers Family Cookbook: Over 300 Delicious Recipes for Everyday Cooking

    R99,00 R484,19
    Designed for busy households with discriminating tastes this gorgeously illustrated and clearly set-out cookery book is the ideal hardworking meal-planner and source of book is the ideal hardworking meal-planner and source of varied dishes with the common feature that they are easy to prepare yet taste delicious.

    Make, Bake, Cupcake!

    R89,00 R130,00
    Are you bored of baking? Is your love affair with cupcakes dwindling? Well, prepare to fall for these mini mouthfuls all over again, as Make, Bake, Cupcake brings you the next generation of cupcakes! They are the perfect balance of fluffy cake and sweet frosting, and now we've brought together the very best new ideas to refresh your repertoire. From tipple-based treats like pina colada cupcakes and cola cupcakes with caramel frosting to fun, frosted delights - dabbling ducks, ice cream sundaes and hamburger-shaped cupcakes anyone? We've got kooky-spooky cupcakes brain cupcake-bites, squished witch cupcakes and more, and crazy flavours that shouldn?t work (but totally do!). Plus cupcakes with hidden surprises (how about a rainbow cupcake, or a heart baked into a cupcake?) there really is a little something to suit everyone.

    Weber's Big Book of Barbecue

    R299,00 R332,52
    The most dependable, complete barbecue cookbook on the market from Weber, the world's leading authority on barbecuing.


    R10,00 R24,95
    Beskou n knap beursie as n uitdaging on kreatief te raak in die kombuis. Hier is heerlike resepte om jou verbeelding aan die gang te sit - en van elke ete n ennvoudige fees te maak.

    Supergrains: Wheat - Farro - Spelt - Kamut - Amaranth - Buckwheat - Barley - Corn - Wild Rice - Millet - Teff - Sorghum - Chia - Oats - Rice - Rye - Triticale - Quino

    R179,00 R330,00
    With delicious recipes, culinary advice and nutritional facts, Supergrains is the complete guide to the world's healthiest grains.


    R79,00 R275,11
    Presents over fifteen hundred recipes including nutrition facts, cook times, and step-by-step directions. Hundreds of fabulous recipes and variations, all made from easy-to-find, everyday ingredients, all shared by trusted home cooks just like yous. Easy-to-follow references and indexes. In addition to the alphabetical listing on the back of each chapter divider tab, there is a master alphabetical index at the end of the book.

    Jams and Preserves

    R60,00 R436,10
    Compiled by recognised experts, every recipe is tailored with you in mind. Whether a complete novice, or a seasoned cook, Jams & Preserves is an essential addition to any chef's bookshelf.

    Tasty Treats

    R49,00 R163,82
    If you love sweet things and enjoy making nice treats, this book will provide you with all you need to know! This handy, pocket-sized book features a huge selection of delectable recipes, with beautiful pictures. Enjoy learning to make some truly gorgeous treats, perfect for eating or gifting!

    Kom eet! Om die tafel met Anita & Deon Meyer

    R99,00 R310,00
    Hartskos. Dit is was Deon en Anita Meyer in die boek met lesers deel. Die disse in die boek is heerlik, maklik om te maak en geliefd onder Suid-Afrikaners.

    Spys en drank

    R99,00 R374,99
    Spys en drank bied 'n helder etenstydbeeld uit 'n belangrike tydperk in ons geskiedenis van 1652 tot aan die einde van die 18de eeu. Die publikasie behandel outydse resepte in alledaagse taal en die inhoudsmate van die bestanddele in eietydse begrippe met behoud van die oorspronklike karakter en kenmerkende aroma daarvan.

    Cooking with the Kosher Butcher's wife

    R99,00 R250,00
    Cooking with the Kosher Butcher's wife is like no other cookery title. It will keep eager meat lovers entertained as they try out Sharon Lurie's delicious recipes.

    Luscious vegetarian

    R49,00 R230,00
    Sonia and Jade's enthusiasm for flavourful cooking bursts from every page of Luscious Vegetarian! This book contains fun and easy-to-make vegetarian recipes, carefully chosen to satisfy the requirements of young professionals, bustling families and health

    Salads, Sauces and Dressings

    R30,00 R168,17
    Budget cookery books which make no compromise, offering variety of choice, delicious and proven recipes.

    Recipes for Life: Eating After Cancer

    R199,00 R383,73
    Inspired by publisher Peter Marshall, who is recently recovering from cancer, this book has evolved as a result of his desire to create a book working with some of the best chefs in the UK to enable other sufferers to improve their diet. The end result has been staggering in its beauty and simplicity as collectively, the recipes provided are so good that anyone who is looking to lead a healthier lifestyle can use and enjoy this book on a daily basis. These recipes have been uniquely created by some of the country's leading chefs, each designed with the simple, delicious and nutritional in mind so that there is something here for every occasion from a light snack to main meal to refreshing smoothie. Clear and easy-to-follow recipes with mouth-watering flavours and images; this book will guide you to master the dishes with ease and encourage the less confident cook to try something a little different. Each dish is complete with stunning colour photography and in depth explanations, as well as dietary notes and complete guide to the ingredients cupboard. If you, or someone you love has been affected by cancer, or are simply looking to eat more healthily, then this book will be an invaluable addition to the kitchen.


    R179,00 R381,01
    Want to find new ways to liven up your chicken dishes? A feast of delicious recipes awaits you in this fantastic book, packed with hundreds of tempting ideas to excite your taste buds! Every recipe has been attentively chosen by recognised experts to provide you with an exceptional range of foods, from luscious light bites to succulent meals. Featuring classic and contemporary chicken based recipes, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Revive your chicken dishes with this essential addition to every kitchen

    Going with the Grain!

    R90,00 R100,00
    Going with the Grain! is a useful collection of recipes featuring all sorts of different grains. With recipes using amaranth, barley, buckwheat, chia, farro, freekeh, khorasan, millet, oats, quinoa, rice and spelt, this book offers a wide variety of dishes with everything from healthy salads to delicious soups and stews. With so much to choose from, this is a wonderful addition to any cook's bookshelf.