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    The Secret Ingredient: Delicious, Easy Recipes Which Might Just Save Your Life

    R79,00 R240,00
    The bestselling debut from author and home cook Sally Bee.

    The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

    R69,00 R320,00
    The 2-Day Diet is the clinically proven 5:2 diet developed by the authors. It's not about counting calories, fasting or going hungry - simply follow the straightforward low-carb eating plan for two days per week then eat normally but sensibly for the other five. In this cookbook, you'll find 65 healthy recipes for every day of the week.


    R29,00 R278,59
    With a dab of bright icing and a sprinkle of colour, you can transform drab sugar cookies into glowing planets, plain marshmallows into scary zombies and simple cake pops into blooming flowers. Meaghan Mountford,?creator?of?the?blog?The?Decorated?Cookie?and?the?Edible Crafts?editor?of?,?shares?her?secrets?for?producing adorable, edible art. Full of beautiful colour photos and illustrated step-by-step directions, this guide will demystify professional techniques so that anyone can learn how to pipe icing like a pro and have fun with fondant. YOU'LL LEARN HOW TO CREATE: Milkshake cake pops Barnyard animal snack cakes Petit-four presents Deep sea creature cupcakes Marshmallow villages and much more! With the lively inspiration and foolproof directions in this book, you can discover how to personalise any sweet treat and turn your home kitchen into a studio for sugarlicious works of art! Meaghan Mountford has been a professional cookie decorator for over a decade. Her cookies have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Modern Bride and Chocolatier magazine. She is the author of Cookie Sensations and lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and daughter.

    Making Piece: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie

    R59,00 R195,84
    When journalist Beth Howard's young husband died suddenly, baking was the one things that still made her smile. So Beth hit the road in their old camper van, travelling across America and bringing Pie to those who need it most.

    Golden cloud

    R29,00 R150,00
    Seisoene skep nuwe sensasies, betower met disse vir elke smaak, help dat ons uitrys by alle okkasies, en familie-kuiers met goue oomblikke bestrooi. Hierdie boek is vol heerlike familieherinneringe aan seisoenale tuisgemaakte geregte wat elke ma se gunstelingbestanddeel bevat ... Golden Cloud!

    Cooking from the heart

    R99,00 R270,00
    These are recipes specially created to suit your mood - food that will give you a lift when you are feeling down, add that extra bit of joy to your celebrations, turn a romantic occasion into something fantastic, enhance moments of calm and serenity.

    200 Christmas Recipes

    R59,00 R75,00
    Over 200 inventive recipes for delicious meals over the holiday season Part of the successful Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook series Great value for money in a handy format

    Cakes for Romantic Occasions: Over 40 Cakes for Weddings and Other Special Celebrations

    R99,00 R387,48
    Collects cakes to suit various occasions, from traditional wedding cakes to quirky Valentines treats and cupcakes to share with your loved ones. This title not only shows you how to create beautiful cakes with ease, but also advises you on the best way to transport, display and serve your cake.

    Kook uit die hart

    R99,00 R270,00
    Hier is resepte spesiaal geskep om by jou luim te pas - kos wat jou sal opkikker wanneer jy bedruk voel, wat jou vierings ekstra plesierig sal maak.

    Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home

    R89,00 R240,00
    Jackie Cameron is one of the most exciting chefs working in South Africa today. Under her leadership the Hartford House restaurant in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands has been in the top 10 in all of the South African culinary awards, achieving the first when she was just 25 years old.

    Cooked in the Karoo

    R99,00 R180,00
    Justin Bonello and his crew embark on a two-year journey into South Africa's backyard, through which many of us just race on our way somewhere else. In his latest culinary adventure, join him on this journey off the beaten track and into the heart of the Karoo.

    Roads Less Travelled - Ultimate Braaimaster II

    R99,00 R250,00
    This is the ultimate book for every guy or girl that's ever lit a fire - whether you're still battling to get your mates to give you the tongs, or have already got yours ... gold-plated.

    Heerlik & Maklik: Hartskos

    R89,00 R235,00
    Heerlik en maklik is 'n versameling resepte wat sy as 'n besige ma van 'n tweeling, kosstilis en -fotograaf, aan haar gesin en familie voorsit.

    30 Minute Low-fat: More Than 100 Deliciously Quick Recipes

    R60,00 R274,23
    Contains more than 100 recipes, which are illustrated with photographs and includes helpful nutrition hints.

    A Soup for Every Day: 365 of Our Favourite Recipes

    R99,00 R625,92
    With all sorts of delicious concoctions - from Butternut Squash and Goat's Cheese to Pea and Ham, and from Moroccan Lamb and Chickpea to Carrot and Coriander - this wonderful book contains all the recipes any soup lover will ever need.

    Quick and Healthy Recipe Tin

    R79,00 R237,30
    Learn to make sensational, healthy food fast with this mouth-watering gift set of recipe cards. In this useful tin, you'll find recipes for a delicious range of sweet and savory dishes. Healthy doesn't have to be boring. So, indulge yourself with these amazing low fat treats in a tin!