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    Get Slim Cookbook

    R49,00 R169,22
    Eat your way to your ideal weight! If you enjoy great food, but want to slim down and feel fantastic, this is the perfect cookbook for you. With a range of slimming recipes, from delicious breakfasts and filling meals to healthy snacks and desserts, this cookbook is the ideal companion for anyone trying to lose weight. Whether you want to shed those extra pounds or just eat more healthily, this book contains good food that will help you on your journey to healthier living.

    Grandma's Recipes

    R49,00 R119,56
    Start cooking traditional dishes with this essential cookbook, dedicated to teach you the secrets of Grandma's cooking. This pocket-sized book features a huge range of tried and tested recipes, with easy-to-follow steps and mouth-watering photography to help you make fantastic homemade meals. With over 100 recipes inspired by Grandma's kitchen, you'll be spoilt for choice. From hearty, homemade meals to perfect breads and desserts, there's something for every cook in Grandma's Recipes.

    Quick and Easy

    R99,00 R310,28
    500 QUICK & EASY RECIPES Devle into the wonderful world of cooking with this Ulitmate quick recipe book! Packed with mouth-watering and delicious recipes, this book is perfect for novices right through to experienced cooks. With so much to choose from, fill every day with delicious dinners and super-sweet treats!

    Fast Diet

    R49,00 R190,85
    Fast Diet will help you to lose weight quickly and healthily, packed with nutritious recipes that are short on calories but packed with taste

    Real food, healthy, happy children

    R99,00 R335,00
    In Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children, Kath Megaw offers a research grounded yet easy-to-grasp guide on what to feed children at the different stages of their development.

    Carmen's best recipes

    R99,00 R280,00
    Carmen is one of South Africa's most loved food editors. And no one knows food like Carmen... especially when it comes to a classic home-cooked meal.

    Fresh from the vegetarian kitchen

    R89,00 R180,00
    Favourite recipes from a seasoned vegetarian who has learnt through trial and error. Mellissa Bushby is not a trained chef, but her passion for food, and for living life mindfully, is evident throughout the book.


    R99,00 R310,28
    Want to find new ways to liven up your chicken dishes? A feast of delicious recipes awaits you in this fantastic book, packed with hundreds of tempting ideas to excite your taste buds! Featuring classic and contemporary chicken based recipes, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Revive your chicken dishes with this essential addition to every kitchen!

    Slow Cooking

    R49,00 R122,23
    Start cooking hassle-free meals with this essential cookbook, dedicated to teaching you how to get the best from slow-cooked food. This pocket sized book features a huge range of tried and tested recipes, with easy to follow steps and mouth-watering photography to help you develop stunning slow-cooked dishes. With over 100 varied recipes to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice. Recipes include: Creamy cauliflower and broccoli soup, Braised mince and beans, Coq au Vin and many more.

    A cook's compendium

    R79,00 R150,00
    This is an indispensable compendium of technical know-how for the home cook which shows not only HOW to cook, but why cooking works. If you really understand whatÆs going on inside the oven or a griddle pan, you will feel a lot more in control of your cooking!

    Roast Dinners

    R69,00 R166,25
    Prepare a roast dinner with confidence with this ultimate guide to creating the classic family meal. Packed full of recipes to help you to cook up a grand feast with all the trimmings. Including: lamb

    The supper club

    R99,00 R300,00
    The supper club is a collection of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion. The author, Phillippa Cheifitz, and a group of her friends get together for a supper once a month.

    Slow Cooking


    The culinary adventures of a travelling cook

    R99,00 R350,00
    The rediscovery of an aerogram from Sri Lanka with a carefully inscribed recipe is what led to The Culinary Adventures of a Travelling Cook, a collection of uncomplicated recipes û both gourmet and everyday.


    R99,00 R250,00
    Featuring a brand new cover design, Koeke ter viering van liefde en lewe offers a wide variety of bakes from across the world, including traditional cakes, modern creations and everything in between.


    R99,00 R310,28
    500 Baking Recipes provides simple, step-by-step guides on how to create the perfect treats, ideal for both beginners and experts alike.