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    The Magic Porridge Pot - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    R49,00 R90,00
    A little girl is given a magic porridge pot, but one day when her mother forgets to stop it cooking, the whole town is soon filled with porridge.

    Anne Frank

    R19,00 R41,08
    Modern Heroes is a series of colourful illustrated books about the lives of some remarkable people whose influence has shaped how we live today. Concise, accessible and entertaining, these histories for young readers are the perfect informal introduction to history or modern studies. Titles in this series: Martin Luther King Ghandi Mother Teresa Muhammad Ali Pope John Paul II Anne Frank Nelson Mandela Dalai Lama

    Anansi en die stories van die wereld

    R50,00 R60,00
    Die koning van die lug het al die stories in die wereld. Kyk hoe Anansi, 'n dapper spinnekoppie, 'n plan maak om die stories met almal in die wereld te kan deel.

    I Love Reading Phonics Level 2: The Busy Lunch

    R49,00 R136,47
    Synthetic Phonics has grown to become the dominant approach in early literacy, attracting substantial resources from the Department for Education. The system enables new readers to recognise the individual sounds of English and to blend ('synthesise') them, building the confidence to tackle unfamiliar words without relying on memory or guesswork.

    Liewe Heksie: Leesboek 1

    R120,00 R145,00

    The Emperor's New Clothes - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    R49,00 R90,00
    The vain emperor has some beautiful new clothes made that only clever people can see - or can they?

    Star Wars I Want to be a Jedi

    R49,00 R105,00
    Enter the Jedi Academy and find out what it takes to be one. Ever wondered how the Jedi work with the Force? What their Code is? Or how they make their lightsabers? This work shows everything you wanted to know about Jedi Knights. It features pictures of some of your favourite heroes from all six movies.


    R60,00 R70,00
    Vakansies is 'n titel in die reeks Slimkoppe Lees wat ontwikkel is om kinders met selfvertroue te leer lees terwyl hulle dit geniet. Die 16 boekies in die reeks is ingedeel op vier vlakke wat ooreenstem met kinders se leesontwikkeling.

    Goldilocks & the 3 Bears: Gold Stars Early Learning

    R49,00 R60,00
    The three bears go for a walk in the woods while their porridge cools down. But who has eaten Baby Bear's porridge? Read along with the CD and find out! This familiar story helps to build reading confidence whilst the large, clear type and carefully chosen vocabulary make this an ideal book for beginner readers.

    Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy

    R59,00 R125,00
    These cheerful and inviting Early Readers bring the blast of colour that Rainbow Magic's youngest fans have been waiting for!

    Tippie plant groente

    R20,00 R30,00
    Leer speel-speel lees saam met Tippie die olifant! Hierdie vrolik geillustreerde leesreeks stel die beginnerleser aan eenvoudige klanke bekend en is reeds baie gewild.

    Flat Stanley Plays Ball: Blue Banana

    R49,00 R125,00
    When Stanley Lambchop joins the rounders team, he discovers that being flat can help him play. But not everyone thinks flat players should be allowed. You can't change who you are, though, as Stanley soon discovers ...

    The Elves and the Shoemaker - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 3

    R49,00 R115,00
    A poor shoemaker finds that someone is making beautiful shoes for him - two little elves! However can he repay them for his change in fortune?

    Star Wars the Story of Darth Vader

    R49,00 R105,00
    Lets your child discover what lies behind Darth Vader's evil mask. This title lets them uncover the story of the talented young Jedi knight who turned to the Dark Side. It also contains pictures of Darth Vader and Star Wars.

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story

    R49,00 R105,00
    Features your child's hero, Luke Skywalker. This title lets you watch as your child meets Luke and joins him on his amazing adventures as he teams up with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3P0 and R2-D2 and journeys to the Death Star to confront Darth Vader and rescue Princess Leia.