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    Well Done

    Familiar concepts engagingly illustrated - developed specifically to enhance a child's familiarity withm and fondness for, books for pleasure. These titles are first steps towards more serious pre-school early-learning topics.

    Beauty and the Beast

    R59,00 R78,92
    This fantastic fairy tale is brought to life with the see and say reading method so even the youngest little can join in and follow the story.

    Pope John Paul II

    R19,00 R50,23
    Pope John II dedicated his life to his faith, and to encourage his followers to think deeply about their Christianity. Modern Heroes is a series of eight books aimed at school children to assist with project work. The books are an introduction to key figures in modern history who have led remarkable lives and who inspire.

    Oxford Reading Tree Read with Biff Chip Kipper: Level 4-6: 25 Book Collection

    Titles in This Set - Level-4: Phonics: Wet Feet, The Moon Jet, The Red Coat, Quick!, Quick! First Stories: Missing!, The Raft Race, Dragon Danger, The Spaceship Level-5: Phonics: Egg Fried Rice, Craig Saves the Day, Seasick, Dolphin Rescue First Stories: Hungry Floppy, Husky Adventure, Trapped!, Looking after Gran Level-6: Phonics: Grain's New Blue Shoes, Ice City, Save Pudding Wood, Uncle Max First Stories: Hairy-scary Monster, Mountain Rescue, The Lost Voice, Secret of the Sands and Extra Handbook with this collection is " Helping your child to Read"

    Let's Read! - Monsters: An Owner's Guide

    Let's get reading with Macmillan early readers! The complete story and original illustrations of MONSTERS: AN OWNER'S GUIDE by Jonathan Emmett and Mark Oliver have been specially re-designed into a smaller early reader format. Created with expert advice from a literacy consultant, this new version offers children a natural next step on from picture books to support them as they grow in reading confidence. Have you ever wanted your own pet monster? This guide contains all you need to know about assembling your very own monstrously marvellous companion!

    I Love Reading Phonics Level 3: Dina the Rapper

    R49,00 R118,01
    Synthetic Phonics has grown to become the dominant approach in early literacy, attracting substantial resources from the Department for Education. The system enables new readers to recognise the individual sounds of English and to blend ('synthesise') them, building the confidence to tackle unfamiliar words without relying on memory or guesswork.

    Mondays At Monster School

    R59,00 R136,47
    Fred can't wait to start Monster School. There will be mud splashing, howling and growling and stomping and stamping!

    Susie and Sam Get New Shoes

    Through these new stories, charmingly illustrated by Mimi Everett, younger children will share, with Susie & Sam, the many new events that they encounter in everyday life.

    Disney Aladdin



    R39,00 R59,14

    Magic School Bus Science Readers Box 1

    Includes these stories: The Magic School Bus Gets Recycled The Magic School Bus Gets Caught in a Web The Magic School Bus and the Shark Adventure The Magic School Bus Fights Germs The Magic School Bus Inside a Volcano The Magic School Bus Comes to Its Senses The Magic School Bus and the Butterfly Bunch The Magic School Bus Fixes a Bone The Magic School Bus The Wild Leaf Ride The Magic School Bus Arctic Adventure

    Hedgehogs Do Not Like Heights: Blue Banana

    R49,00 R125,00
    Natalie's sister Lola has climbed up a tree and won't come down. She says she's at the wedding of Fizzy Izzy the tooth fairy and Solomon the spider. Then Grim the goblin starts throwing acorns, and turns poor Fizzy Izzy into a hedgehog. And hedgehogs don't like heights...

    Be a detective

    R60,00 R70,00
    Be a detective forms part of the Smart-Kids Read series designed to help children to read confidently and to enjoy reading. Smart-Kids Read is divided into four clear levels according to stages in reading development. Level 4 (Becoming fluent) is for children who are ready to read longer paragraphs.


    R53,00 R60,00
    Rooikappie se ouma lyk baie anders - sy het skielik baie groot tande!

    Tippie en die duur mat

    R25,00 R30,00
    Leer speel-speel lees saam met Tippie die olifant! Hierdie vrolik geillustreerde leesreeks stel die beginnerleser aan klanke soos "eu", "ie" en "ou" bekend.

    Tippie en die vis

    R25,00 R30,00
    Leer speel-speel lees saam met Tippie die olifant! Hierdie vrolik geillustreerde leesreeks stel die beginnerleser aan eenvoudige klanke bekend en is baie gewild.