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    The Stepmonster

    R105,00 R125,00
    Tom knows all about stepmothers from the books he's read. They do all sorts of horrible things. So when his dad's new friend Lulu comes to tea, Tom is convinced she will turn out to be a stepmonster. She might not look like a stepmonster. And she might not act like a stepmonster. But maybe that's just a clever disguise...

    Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    R49,00 R115,00
    Suitable for readers who have some initial reading instruction and are ready to take their first steps in reading real stories, this title includes simple sentences and frequently repeated words that help to build the confidence of beginner readers and the four different levels of books that support children all the way.

    The Story of Wolverine

    R49,00 R95,00
    Designed to engage even the reluctant reader, this book lets your child discover how a frail and sickly child grew claws, ran wild with the wolves and became the super hero.

    Planet Earth

    R59,00 R147,76
    Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own. Vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.

    Marvel Avengers Avengers Assemble!

    R49,00 R105,00
    Takes you on a thrill packed ride along with "The Avengers", from founding father Captain America, to friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. This title is suitable for children who are looking to build their literacy skills.

    The Red Knight - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 3

    R49,00 R115,00
    Tom is a squire whose greatest wish is to be a knight one day, just like his big brother Will. But when Will goes away, there's no one left to squire for, until one day a new knight arrives...

    Sam and the Robots - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 4

    R49,00 R115,00
    Sam loves building things, especially robots. His robots are all very good at helping out, but when they start going wrong it's clear that Sam needs to take his robots on holiday for a rest.

    Muhammad Ali

    R19,00 R38,99
    MODERN HEROS is a series of colourful ilusstrated book about the lives of some remarkable people whose influence has shaped how we live today. Concies, accessible and entertaining, these histories for young readers are the perfect informal introduction to history or modern studies Titles in this series: Martin Luther King Ghandi Mother Teresa Muhammad Ali Pope John Paul II Anne Frank Nelson Mandela Dalai Lama

    Noodles Boxed Set with CD

    Learning music grading Reading series of the first level, suitable for 2 to 7-year-old child learning. Each book vocabulary of 250 words or so, mainly related to English common words, simple sentence, the child is the basis for reading chapter books, sentences rhythm sense, the story in accordance with the problems encountered, then use the sentence What shall I do? I have an idea! After the introduction of the story, the story catchy, very suitable for children. 1. It's too windy! (Gale!) 2. Don't cut my hair! (Do not cut my hair!) 3. I can help! (I'll help you!) 4. I'm not scared! (I'm not afraid!) 5. I hate my bow! (I hate bows!) 6. I am lost! (I'm lost!) 7. I love colors! (I love to paint!) 8. I love my tooth! (I love my teeth!) 9. I love my shadow! (I love my shadow!) 10. No kisses please! (Do not kiss me!) Includes an audio CD

    Hedgehogs Do Not Like Heights: Blue Banana

    R49,00 R125,00
    Natalie's sister Lola has climbed up a tree and won't come down. She says she's at the wedding of Fizzy Izzy the tooth fairy and Solomon the spider. Then Grim the goblin starts throwing acorns, and turns poor Fizzy Izzy into a hedgehog. And hedgehogs don't like heights...

    Be a detective

    R60,00 R70,00
    Be a detective forms part of the Smart-Kids Read series designed to help children to read confidently and to enjoy reading. Smart-Kids Read is divided into four clear levels according to stages in reading development. Level 4 (Becoming fluent) is for children who are ready to read longer paragraphs.


    R53,00 R60,00
    Rooikappie se ouma lyk baie anders - sy het skielik baie groot tande!

    Tippie en die duur mat

    R25,00 R30,00
    Leer speel-speel lees saam met Tippie die olifant! Hierdie vrolik geillustreerde leesreeks stel die beginnerleser aan klanke soos "eu", "ie" en "ou" bekend.

    Tippie en die vis

    R25,00 R30,00
    Leer speel-speel lees saam met Tippie die olifant! Hierdie vrolik geillustreerde leesreeks stel die beginnerleser aan eenvoudige klanke bekend en is baie gewild.

    Florence the Friendship Fairy

    R59,00 R115,00
    These cheerful and inviting Early Readers bring the blast of colour that Rainbow Magic's youngest fans have been waiting for!

    Keira the Film Star Fairy

    R59,00 R115,00
    This cheerful and inviting Early Reader brings the blast of colour that Rainbow Magic's youngest fans have been waiting for!