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    Heidi - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 4

    Heidi loves living in the mountains with her grandfather and her friend Peter, and is homesick when she moves to Frankfurt. Will she make it back to her beloved mountains?

    Your Body

    Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own. Vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.

    Belle the Birthday Fairy

    These cheerful and inviting Early Readers bring the blast of colour that Rainbow Magic's youngest fans have been waiting for!

    The Dressing Up Box

    The second title in the new "Usborne Very First Reading" series, designed for younger children to introduce them to reading together with their parents. Parents and children take turns to read from the page (the text clearly marked for who should be reading) and as the books progress in the series the adults read less and the child more.

    Peppa Pig: Nature Trail - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 2

    Peppa Pig and her family are enjoying a nature walk when they get lost. Can Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig get safely back to the car for their lunch?

    Topsy and Tim Go to the Zoo - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    Topsy and Tim have fun visiting the zoo and soon decide that all the zoo animals would make great pets. Mummy and Dad have other ideas, though.

    Peppa Pig: Recycling Fun - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    Suitable for readers who have some initial reading instruction and are ready to take their first steps in reading real stories, this title includes simple sentences and frequently repeated words that help to build the confidence of beginner readers and the four different levels of books that support children all the way.

    Peppa Pig: Little Creatures - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    There are many interesting little creatures in Grandpa Pig's garden for Peppa, George and their friends to learn about, including snails with their little houses and bees making honey.

    The Princess and the Pea - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

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    A prince wants to marry a real princess, so the queen devises a true test based on one pea and a lot of mattresses.

    Peppa Pig: Sports Day - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 2

    Peppa Pig is having fun with her friends at Sports Day, but she is not very good at paying attention during her races! Will she and George ever win anything?

    Moshi Monsters: Poppet Stows Away - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 3

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    Famous explorer Bushy Fandango is going off on a new expedition. Poppet wants to come along so badly that she tows away on Bushy's submarine. What adventures will both of them have deep under Potion Ocean?

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 1

    Naughty little Peter Rabbit goes into Mr MacGregor's garden to eat his radishes, but then the farmer spots him! How will Peter Rabbit get away?

    Topsy and Tim: The Big Race - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 2

    It is Sports Day at school and Topsy and Tim are cross that they are not winning any races. With one race to go, will the twins overcome their differences and work together?

    Snow Dog

    There is nothing Nicky wants more in the world than a dog to play with. But Mum and Dad don't want a dog. Then Granddad has an idea - he and Nicky can make a dog: a snow-dome dog. Even better, he has some special clay, found at the end of a rainbow, so that the dog will be extra-special. Maybe even magic...

    Peppa Pig: Daddy Pig's Old Chair - Read it Yourself with Ladybird

    Madame Gazelle is having a jumble sale to raise money for a new school roof. What does Daddy Pig buy?

    Oxford Reading Tree: Level 3: Stories: a Cat in the Tree

    The Level 3 Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories provide humorous storylines to engage and motivate children. The popular characters and familiar settings are brought to life by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta. The stories are unchanged from the previous edition but the cover notes have been updated to support adults in sharing the story with the child.