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    Kingfisher Readers: Jobs People Do (Level 1: Beginning to Read)

    R39,00 R79,00
    A new range of graded readers from the non-fiction experts!

    Kylie the Carnival Fairy

    R59,00 R125,00
    These cheerful and inviting Early Readers bring the blast of colour that Rainbow Magic's youngest fans have been waiting for!

    Marvel Avengers The World's Mightiest Super Hero Team

    R49,00 R105,00
    Presents an adventure with the Marvel heroes, from Iron Man to Captain America, and friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This title is suitable for children who are getting to grips with reading and looking to build their literacy skills.

    Mother Teresa

    R19,00 R43,78
    Mother Teresa influenced many lives by her work among the poor in India. Modern Heroes is a series of eight books aimed at school children to assist with project work. The books are an introduction to key figures in modern history who have led remarkable lives and who inspire. They are world leaders, or have led in their field.

    Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby

    R59,00 R107,76
    Each book contains two of Joel Chandler Harriss much-loved Brer Rabbit adventures, retold in the see-and-say rebus style to help children to grow in reading confidence. Age 4+

    The Jungle Book - Read it Yourself with Ladybird: Level 3

    R49,00 R97,31
    Mowgli the man cub is growing up in the jungle. He has many exciting adventures with his animal friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther.

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff: Gold Stars Early Learning

    R49,00 R60,00
    The three Billy Goats Gruff want to eat the green grass on the other side of the river? But will they dare to cross the bridge that the big, bad troll lives under? Read along with the CD and find out! This familiar story helps to build reading confidence whilst the large, clear type and carefully chosen vocabulary make this an ideal book for beginner readers.

    Minions: Who's the Boss?

    R39,00 R70,00
    Presents a history of the Minions as they search for a new master throughout time, having served a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a caveman, and Napoleon.

    Horrid Henry - Meets The Queen

    R59,00 R136,47
    The Queen is coming to visit Horrid Henry''s school. The real live Queen! Henry can''t believe it. But when Miss Battle-Axe puts him in the back row, Henry is furious. Now how is he meant to find out how many TVs she has? Somehow Henry has to get himself noticed - and show the Queen just how horrid he can be . . .

    Horrid Henry - Demon Dinner

    R59,00 R136,47
    Horrid Henry is furious! No way will Greasy Greta, the dinner lady, snatch his delicious sweets and crisps again. He tries hiding his food. He tries eating his desserts secretly. But it is no use. So Horrid Henry starts to plan his revenge…


    R49,00 R115,00
    Shredder the class gerbil is in big trouble. His tiny teeth have shredded all the children's money and now Mr Blister, the grumpy head teacher, wants to get rid of him. Can Dino, the bravest boy in the class, save his furry friend?

    Disney Reading - Family and Friends

    R59,00 R101,78

    Too Big!

    R59,00 R115,00
    Mum always liked to buy Neil clothes big enough for him to grow into. And his new cricket jumper makes him look like a lamb in sheep's clothing. But Mum goes too far when she buys a new wardrobe and that, too, is far too big. It won't fit in the front door; it won't go through the downstairs windows.