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    Television Production Handbook

    R3 293,00 R4 134,85
    Emphasizes how production proceeds in the digital age - from idea to image - and how it moves through the three major phases, from preproduction to production to postproduction. This title describes the necessary tools, considers what they can and cannot do, and explains how they are used to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

    The Charlie Chaplin Archives

    R2 770,00 R3 256,43
    From Alaska to Zimbabwe, the bowler hat, cane, baggy trousers and outsized shoes of the Tramp is still the most recognized silhouette in the world, 100 years after Charlie Chaplin first created him. Celebrating his centenary, this book focuses on the making of Chaplin's films, using the vast resources of the Chaplin archives.

    The Journey of G. Mastorna: The Film Fellini Didn't Make

    R2 634,00
    Federico Fellini's script for perhaps the most famous unmade film in Italian cinema, The Journey of G. Mastorna (1965/6), is published here for the first time in full English translation. It offers the reader a remarkable insight into Fellini's creative process and his fascination with human mortality and the great mystery of death.

    Cinema and Ireland

    R3 568,00

    Cinema and the Swastika: The International Expansion of Third Reich Cinema

    R2 844,00
    Brings together comparative research on the international expansion of the Third Reich cinema. This volume investigates various attempts to economically, politically and culturally infiltrate the film industries of 20 countries or regions Nazi Germany occupied, befriended or entertained 'neutral' relationships with.

    Historical Dictionary of Italian Cinema

    R2 525,00 R2 621,42

    Animation: A World History: The Complete Set

    R5 085,00 R5 996,53

    Mad Men

    R2 770,00 R3 256,43
    With its brilliant writing, spot-on acting, faultless art direction, impeccable costume design, Mad Men is a landmark for cable television. Never before has a period series offered such compelling plotlines alongside such painstaking attention to detail and accuracy.

    American Cinema/American Culture

    R3 529,00
    Looks at the interplay between American cinema and mass culture from the 1890s to 2011. This book begins with an examination of the basic narrative and stylistic features of classical Hollywood cinema. It then studies the genres of silent melodrama, the musical, American comedy, the war/combat film, film noir, the western, and more.