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    R19,00 R108,69


    R19,00 R108,69

    The Four Agreements: Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

    Rooted in traditional Toltec wisdom beliefs, four agreements in life are essential steps on the path to personal freedom. As beliefs are transformed through maintaining these agreements, shamanic teacher and healer don Miguel Ruiz asserts lives will "become filled with grace, peace, and unconditional love". Author workshops.


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    You Can Heal Your Life

    R190,00 R215,95
    Features full of ideas and strategies that have worked for millions of people worldwide. This book offers profound insight into the relationship between the mind and the body. Exploring the way that limiting thoughts and ideas control and constrict us, it offers us a powerful key to understanding the roots of our physical diseases and discomforts.


    R19,00 R108,69

    Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds

    R79,00 R220,00
    Reaching deep beneath the surface of her life, then and now, renowned psychic Sylvia Browne candidly discusses details of her professional and personal experiences that she's never revealed in public before.

    The Little Book of Relaxation

    R125,00 R149,99
    This essential pocket-sized companion is packed with inspiring quotations from writers, spiritual leaders and philosophers, along with simple but effective tips to help you bring moments of calm into your daily life. The Little Book of Relaxation will benefit the mind and heart and make a real difference to every day.


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    Looking to firm up your muscles, burn more calories, or simply put a spring in your step? This book could be the key - a simple all-over body toning programme to boost the circulatory system and fire up the metabolism that takes just 6 minutes to do each morning.

    Angel Therapy: Healing Messages for Every Area of Your Life

    R165,00 R185,95
    A two-part text that helps readers tackle problems such as addiction, break-up, burnout, depression, and worry. Part One is an A-Z by subject, and Part Two is a step-by-step guide on how to communicate with your angels to solve the problems in your life.

    The encyclopedia of paranormal powers

    R49,00 R200,00
    Supernatural powers of the mind and body û from invisibility, bilocation and teleportation to levitation, suspended animation and fire-breathing û enthral and mystify believers.


    R19,00 R108,69