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    The Tim Burton Encyclopedia

    R1 483,00
    Tim Burton has been a major director for a quarter of a century, producing both cult classics and blockbuster films including Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Batman, Mars Attacks!, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, and Dark Shadows. An A-Z list of all things Burton, including his live action films, his animated features, his shorts, his non-film work, and the collaborators who have helped manifest his unique perspective into memorable works of cinema. The book will highlight Burton s accomplishments as a visual artist with an uncompromised aesthetic, narrating the evolution of his creative practice from his earliest childhood drawings through his mature works."

    Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited

    R1 125,00 R1 178,06
    Truth, Dare or Promise: Art and Documentary Revisited reflects on the ways that artists and filmmakers address the innovations and limitations of producing and exhibiting their work.

    Contemporary Black American Cinema: Race, Gender and Sexuality at the Movies

    R1 147,00
    This volume offers essays on African American film, media and visual culture in the era of global multiculturalism. Integrating theory, history and criticism, the authors connect interdisciplinary perspectives from American studies, cinema studies, cultural studies, political science, media studies and queer theory.

    Cinematic Political Thought: Narrating Race, Nation and Gender

    R1 940,00
    Providing an investigation of contemporary politics, this text articulates a critical philosophical perspective with politically disposed treatments of contemporary cinema. It demonstrates what it means to think the political in terms of cinema studies and wider aesthetic contexts.

    The End of Cinema as We Know it: American Film in the Nineties

    R1 940,00
    The 34 brief essays in this collection address a variety of topics, from film censorship and preservation to the changing structure and status of independent cinemas, and the continued importance of celebrity and stardom.

    Wild and Dangerous Performances: Animals, Emotions, Circus

    R1 319,00 R1 551,10
    Elephants, lions, tigers and leopards evoke fascination and awe, fear and excitement.This bookanalyzes trained acts in twentieth-century live circus and cinema,reveals how humans anthropomorphize animals with their emotions, and interrogates the notion thatanimals embody a phenomenology of emotions and feelings in culture.

    From Underground to Independent: Alternative Film Culture in Contemporary China

    R1 804,00
    Provides an introduction to the cultural and political dimensions of contemporary Chinese cinema. This book explores the world of Chinese underground and independent film, leading Western and Chinese scholars trace the changing dynamics of Chinese film culture. It is for those interested in a society caught between socialism and global currents.

    Drama Trauma: Specters of Race and Sexuality in Performance, Video and Art

    R1 190,00
    In this cross-disciplinary study, Timothy Murray examines the artistic struggle over traumatic fantasies of race, gender, sexuality, and power. This work links the impact of trauma on recent political projects in performance and video with the specters of difference haunting Shakespeare's plays.

    One Night Stand Series, 1-1001

    R1 640,00
    The One Night Stand Series broadcasts from 1943 to 1965 made the US Armed Forces Radio Service the biggest music producer ever. This work traces the history of these broadcasts, their production and distribution, and provides discographies of the programmes in the series.

    Islam, Security and Television News

    R1 383,00 R1 628,66
    Focusing on British, French and Russian television news coverage of Islam as a security threat, this book provides the first comparative account of how television broadcasting in different geo- and socio-political environments integrates discourses on Islam into nationally oriented, representational systems.

    Ex-Cinema: From a Theory of Experimental Film and Video

    R1 640,00
    What does it mean for film and video to be experimental? This title features a collection of essays framed by the concept "ex-" - meaning from, outside, and no longer. It explores the aesthetic, technical, and theoretical reverberations of avant-garde film and video.

    Woody Allen: Interviews

    R1 426,00

    The Street Was Mine: White Masculinity in Hardboiled Fiction and Film Noir

    R1 705,00 R1 879,45
    This work considers a recurrent figure in American literature: the solitary white man moving through urban space. It looks to the tough guy in the works of hardboiled novelists Raymond Chandler ("The Big Sleep") and James M. Cain ("Double Indemnity") and their popular film noir adaptations.


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