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    Of Mice and Men: with Notes

    George and Lennie are migrant American workers - the one alert and protective, the other strong, stupid and potentially dangerous. This is the powerful story of their relationship and their dreams of finding a more stable and less lonely way of life.

    The Afrikaans handbook and study guide

    This practical and 'user-friendly' book may be used from Senior Primary to Matric and Beyond. The rules and explanations are all in English and are colour coded, which will enable you to study from it independently, understand, recall and apply what you have learnt. It includes everything you need in one book - Taal, Begripstoets, Skryfwerk, Letterkunde, Kommunikasie, Woordeskat and Hints for Students. The vocabulary covers most of the topics currently being asked in exams.

    The English handbook and study guide

    The book you've been waiting for - a Reference Book that covers everything you need in ONE book! You will use this practical and user-friendly book from Senior Primary to Matric and beyond. The rules and explanations are written in a simple, logical format and are colour-coded for easy understanding and recall. It may be used in the classroom or for independent home study. Through constant usage, the information will become familiar and will be retained from year to year. This book may be used in conjuction with any other classroom text.

    The Successful Student: How to Develop Good Study Habits

    Includes principles that show students how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, mental barriers and other obstacles in order to take control of their studies. This book guides them to identify their particular learning styles, plan their schedules, set realistic goals, organise their activities, read effectively, take notes, and more.

    Provocations: Philosophy for Secondary School

    A new addition to The Philosophy Foundation Series. Provocations is a set of philosophy sessions designed for secondary school and predicated on the pedagogical methods of The Philosophy Foundation.

    Free to Be Me: Becoming the Young Woman God Created You to Be

    As you enter your teen years, bestselling author Stasi Eldredge invites you on the most important journey you will ever take: the journey of becoming the young woman God created you to be!

    A Midsummer Night's Dream: Classic Graphic Novel Collection

    Part of "The Classic Graphic Novel Collection" series, this title re-tells classic literature for learners of English.

    God's Gospel

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    A colorful illustrated primer that teaches young children and their parents the story of redemption as presented throughout the Bible. Each chapter includes additional questions and activities.

    God's Battle


    God's Word

    This full-color illustrated primer helps parents teach children what the Bible is, what it says, and why we can trust Gods true, powerful Word. Chapters include discussion questions/activities.