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    Voorsprong-werkboek Afrikaans

    R19,00 R30,00
    Op soek na 'n reeks prettige boeke propvol wiskunde-aktiwiteite om jou kind ure lank besig te hou û en boonop te help met skoolgereedheid? Die Voorsprong Wiskunde-reeks is die antwoord!


    R105,00 R120,00
    Lay the foundation for a lifetime of math success with the newest additions to our Grow to Know line. Addition, subtraction, and simple multiplication. These workbooks teach fundamental math skills using Kumon's unique learning method, in a smaller size that's perfect for little hand and on the go learning.

    Slimkoppe wiskunde

    R90,00 R110,00
    Wiskundewerkboek wat al die aspekte van die Graad 7-Wiskundekurrikulum dek. Volledige antwoorde, sowel as notas en wenke, is ingesluit. Kenmerke - Geskryf deur ervare Suid-Afrikaanse wiskundeonderwysers.

    Afrikaans sonder grense


    Seed Dispersal

    R25,00 R50,95

    Gold Stars Reading Practice Ages 4-5 Reception

    R49,00 R70,00
    Carefully graded, engaging activities develop the reading skills your 4- to 5-year-old pre-schooler needs to build confidence.

    English Basics 10-11


    Mother Teresa

    R10,00 R42,95
    Mother Teresa influenced many lives by her work among the poor in India. Modern Heroes is a series of eight books aimed at school children to assist with project work. The books are an introduction to key figures in modern history who have led remarkable lives and who inspire. They are world leaders, or have led in their field.

    Spot on maths literacy



    R79,00 R120,62

    The Search

    R50,00 R177,48
    A graphic novel developed by the Anne Frank House.

    Henry V: Shakespeare Stories for Children

    R49,00 R64,95
    The perfect introduction to Shakespeare's classic play for 6-11 year-olds

    Slimkoppe Ek is vyf

    R59,00 R80,00
    Slimkoppe Ek is Vyf is 'n volkleur-aktiwiteitsboek, ontwikkel om vyfjariges sleutelvaardighede te help aanleer terwyl hulle speel-speel aktiwiteite aanpak saam met die liewe Slimkoppe-karakters. Agter in die boek is stap-vir-stap-notas vir ouers.

    This Is My Faith: Judaism

    R49,00 R81,98


    R29,00 R39,95
    This sticker workbook aims to support school work in Maths on the subject of division. It includes questions to answer, pictures to draw and colour, puzzles to be solved and games which can be played repeatedly. It is designed for children of pre-school age to children over eleven years old.

    Cats and Dogs

    R20,00 R70,00
    Discover a talent to draw in this great series that will teach readers everything they need to sketch with confidence. Starting from a simple shape, each step adds a little extra until the complete picture is drawn, which can be coloured or decorated.