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    Double Take - Rivals For The Crown

    Mary Tudor and Elizabeth Tudor race for the English Crown. Bloodshed and betrayal is on the way… Two princesses are born seventeen years apart to the same father – but different mothers. Their father, King Henry VIII, swears that no woman shall ever wear the English crown. But when their brother, Edward, dies naming another woman as his successor, the two women take action – in opposing ways. Forced by her father and brother to publicly renounce her beloved religion, Mary Tudor has a heavy cross to bear. Determined to restore England to the true Church, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Bright, beautiful and beloved at court, Elizabeth decides to lie low when Lady Jane Grey is declared Queen. But must she lie even lower if Mary gets her way? One great conflict. Two great stories.

    300 Fantastic Facts Bugs

    R99,00 R218,58
    300 Fantastic Facts Bugs explores the fascinating lives of mini beasts. Readers aged 7+ can discover how insects, spiders and a host of other creepy crawlies find food, reproduce, and where in the world they make their homes.

    Children's Encyclopedia Science

    R159,00 R404,08
    The Ultimate Guide to Science Discover the scientific world and beyond with this highly visual encyclopedia. Includes detailed information on space, weather and the human body

    Kings and Queens

    R79,00 R236,03
    Do you know who named the King Charles spaniel? Which forward thinking queen first sat on a flushing toilet and who was infamous for chopping off heads? With lots of fun flaps, exciting pull tabs and two amazing pop-ups, your journey through history is about to begin. Explore Queen Elizabeth II's fantastics carriage, discover the famous Tudors and meet Henry VIII, learn all about who invented Christmas and go to war with Richard the Lionheart. Heads will roll as you step back in time and discover an amazingly gruesome world of monarchs.

    Philip Ardagh's Book of Howlers, Blunders and Random Mistakery

    R49,00 R140,00
    The new book from the hilarious Philip Ardagh.

    Maths Basics 7-8

    R29,00 R109,12

    Our World

    OUR WORLD Take an amazing journey through human civilization. Fab Facts Amazing photos

    My Book of Simple Sentences: Learning about Nouns and Verbs

    R165,00 R190,00
    In this workbook, your child will develop the skills of reading and creating sentences by combining simple phrases.

    Stink-O-Pedia 2: More Stink-y Stuff from A to Z: More Stink-y Stuff from A to Z

    R59,00 R125,00
    Thought Stink might run out of fun, cool, weird and wacky facts? Hardee-har-har! Make way for a second toe-jam-packed, can't-put-down Stink-O-Pedia!

    My ABC of Animals: An A-Z of Animals to Find!

    R145,00 R165,00
    Perfect for little hands, this beautifully illustrated board book takes you on an alphabetical safari! With lots of animals to spot on every page, your little one will be developing vocabulary and learning the a-z letter shapes and sounds at the same time.

    Ancient and Classical Art

    The emergence of art as a part of the human experience can be traced through the earliest art forms to works as monumental as the Parthenon and Trajans Column. Art had its beginnings in the Upper Paleolithic period, before humans invented agriculture, domesticated animals, ot discovered the use of metals.

    Scholastic Reader Level 2: Animals Around the World

    R49,00 R69,95
    Fun facts about animals in different countries--pandas, kangaroos, elephants, and more!

    This hardcover nonfiction easy reader has simple, easy-to-read text and irresistible close-up photography of animals! Three pages of fun learning activities are designed to both challenge and entertain new readers.


    R39,00 R81,77

    My First Picture Dictionary

    My First Picture Dictionary includes over 700 words, all illustrated in full color. Each illustration is accompanied by a sentence showing the word in context to aid understanding.


    Catching criminals today is as much about science as sleuthing. Crimebusters looks at a huge variety of crime from burglary to forgery and from arson to cyber crime. Fingerprinting, gathering clues, and DNA testing are just a few of the areas covered in detail. Gripping real-life cases are examined under the microscope and there are several simple forensic experiments that can be performed by the amateur detective using everyday objects.

    Voorsprong-werkboek Afrikaans

    R19,00 R30,00
    Op soek na 'n reeks prettige boeke propvol wiskunde-aktiwiteite om jou kind ure lank besig te hou – en boonop te help met skoolgereedheid? Die Voorsprong Wiskunde-reeks is die antwoord!