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    How to Change the World with a Ball of String

    R79,00 R200,00
    From the team who created the award-winning title HOW TO MAKE A UNIVERSE WITH 92 INGREDIENTS, HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH A BALL OF STRING is a completely unique and imaginative take on history for children. Using examples from the past to show how you can start your own empire, conquer your neighbours or stage your own industrial revolution.

    Girls are Best

    R59,00 R160,00
    For as long as history has been recorded, girls haven't had much of a look in amongst all the great men we remember. But that doesn't mean they weren't there. And it doesn't mean that they didn't achieve great things, come up with wonderful inventions or win battles! This book shows that History is actually Her-story.


    R39,00 R97,76

    Build a Shark

    R79,00 R140,90

    First Dictionary

    R69,00 R88,91

    Young Learner's Atlas

    R69,00 R74,65

    English 5-7

    R49,00 R97,80

    English Basics 5-6

    R29,00 R109,12

    Disney Picture Dictionary: My Picture Dictionary

    R99,00 R136,81
    Disney's Picture Dictionary helps young children learn words and meanings with their favourite Disney friends! Over 900 entries are included, with delightful illustrations, easy-to-understand definitions and helpful sample sentences.

    Dreadful Diaries

    Fill In Your Own Dates And Be Amazed By Some Horrible Historical Events. Whichever Day It Is In Your Dreadful Diary, You Can Be Sure It's The Anniversary Of Something Really Horrible, Utterly Disgusting, Or Just Plain Weird. A Foul And Fascinating Fact For Every Day Of The Year.


    A fun and easy way to practice your letter form and pencil grip.

    100 Facts on Archaeology

    R49,00 R142,63
    This title explores some of the oldest and most amazing archaeological finds, as well as explaining what they tell us about human history. Exactly 100 facts are accompanied by revealing photographs and detailed artwork will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book.

    Voorsprong-werkboek wiskunde

    R19,00 R30,00
    Op soek na 'n reeks prettige boeke propvol wiskunde-aktiwiteite om jou kind ure lank besig te hou û en boonop te help met skoolgereedheid? Die Voorsprong Wiskunde-reeks is die antwoord!

    Why Space Matters to Me

    R79,00 R195,00
    Covering topics such as stardust, weather, seasons, tides, navigation and more, this book explains the many ways that space is linked to life on Earth. It deals with solar system.

    Growing Up for Boys

    R119,00 R245,00
    Growing Up for Boys

    Would You Rather: Shake Like a Dog or Climb Like a Cat?

    R115,00 R130,00
    Explore the world of pets through fun and hilarious scenarios with a Would you Rather? question approach. Discover the revolting eating habits of pets and decide what you'd rather eat, where you'd rather live and what super senses you'd rather have.