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    Contains over 200 strange and interesting dinosaur tales that will put you to the test: can you tell the difference between fact and fiction? Quiz your family and astound your friends with hours of freaky fun! It's said that fact is stranger than fiction...but can you tell the difference? The Archaeopteryx dinosaur had feathers on it's wings and it's tail! There is a real life Harry Potter dinosaur called Dracorex hogwartsia! And a forgotten box of dinosaur bones was found inside a museum in 2007! Wait a second... is that true?


    Packed full of examples of the most disgusting and repulsive things on the planet. The revolting and fascinating book is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive things sure to appeal to readers of all ages. The content is divided into a range of categories, from offensive animals, plants, and other creatures to foods, inventions, and of course, a selection of revolting human body bits such as snot, scabs, and earwax. Each page has a Yuck Factor rating and description, along with photos and illustrations. Sidebars include extra gross details and tips.


    Q. What did we do to this picture? What makes it so weird? A. We didn't flip the eyes and mouth upside down, just the rest of the face. And since you and I look at eyes and mouth that are right side up all the time, our brains don't see anything funny about them - until the whole thing is flipped and the trick is revealed. It's an illusion, like pulling the rug out from under your eyes. We do it all the time in this book. Flip it open to any page and see if you can catch us and stay on your visual feet. After all, who are you going to believe? Us? Or your own eyes?

    Smart-kids English CAPS

    Especially written for learners by experienced South African teachers who know exactly what children love to read nd write about, and where they need extra language practice.

    My first book of Southern African insects

    Children are fascinated by 'bugs' of all kinds, and insects are a familiar part of their everyday environment.

    Creepy Crawlies

    Unearth the weird world of strange and wonderful bugs.

    Double Take - Tutankhamuns Tomb

    Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon. Two men who share an ambition to discover a tomb that nobody else believes in – the burial place of a forgotten boy king. Their search begins in a remote Egyptian valley, where fabulous treasures await them. But neither man is prepared for the consequences of opening Tutankhamun’s tomb… Two great adventurers. One unforgettable story.

    Simple Multiplication

    Lay the foundation for a lifetime of math success with the newest additions to our Grow to Know line. Addition, subtraction, and simple multiplication. These workbooks teach fundamental math skills using Kumon's unique learning method, in a smaller size that's perfect for little hand and on the go learning.

    Children's History of Chester


    500 Facts Animals

    Lavishly illustrated throughout, this series provides children with masses of knowledge. Each numbered fact acts as a benchmark, and as children read they can clearly chart their progress.

    Smart-Kids achieve English

    This Smart-Kids Achieve workbook is a colourful activity book designed to develop English skills in a fun and interactive way. It is specially written for Grade 7 learners by experienced South African teachers and contains valuable notes, tips and answers for parents.

    Train Your Brain Maths

    Train Your Brain for Grade 5 provides extra practice to help your child understand the key Mathematics skills.

    Afrikaans sonder grense

    Afrikaans sonder grense is 'n volledige taalreeks vir Afrikaans as Eerste addisionele taal. Die taalreeks strek van Graad 1 tot Graad 12 en voldoen aan al die vereistes van die Nasionale Kurrikulum- en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (NKABV). Komponente: Leerderboeke, onderwysersgidse met Audio CD, leesboeke.


    Met sy boeiende illustrasies, gedetailleerde ontledings van sleutelfeite en fassinerende inligting is hierdie boek propvol wetenswaardighede en pret.

    English Age 7-8