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    Hinduism and Other Eastern Religions

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    This fascinating book describes the major religions of the Eastern world, including Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism. From Hindu gods and goddesses to life as a Sikh, it explores the origins of each religion, the key elements of their belief systems and the appeal of Eastern faiths to the West. World Faiths: Hindusim and other Eastern Religions is an indispensable reference tool that will help the whole family understand these religions in the modern world.

    Peoples and Cultures of Africa

    This six-volume peoples and cultures of Africa set provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and thoroughly up-to-date review of one of the worlds largest and most fascinating continents: Africa PEOPLES AND CULTURES OF AFRICA SET includes 6 titles North Africa East Africa West Africa Central Africa Southern Africa Nations and Personalities

    19th Century - Volume 5

    Nineteeth- century art was dominated by seemingly opposing trends; Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Symbolisme.The Romantic movement emphasized the importance of emotion and imagination and was a reaction to the formalism of the Neoclassical style.

    First Big Book of How

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    "How do refrigerators stay cold? How does water come out of the faucet? Answers to these questions and many more will help parents move beyond the stock answer "because" and give level-appropriate, fascinating, true answers. More than 300 photos bring a child's world to life while satisfying kids' curiosity and sense of fun. Questions in each chapter encourage interactivity, and parent tips extend the experience of the book."--

    Animal World


    The Ultimate Guide Animal

    The Ultimate Guide Animal will help children aged 8+ to discover everything they need to know about animals. This fascinating world is made truly accessible - the book is split into five key sections, and text is presented as easy-to-read bullet points.

    You Wouldn't Want to Live Without the Internet

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    The Internet has become one of the most important inventions in our daily lives, revolutionising everything from the way businesses work to the friendships people share. This book tells the story of the internet, from its early development to the creation of the World Wide Web, and today's broadband culture.

    English Basics 8-9


    Tell the Time 5+


    Maths Basics 5-6

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    Introduces young readers to nature's magnificent peaks and ranges, from the tip of Everest to the valleys of ancient volcanoes. This book helps you learn how the Earth's tectonic plates collide to form mountain ranges, meet the amazing birds, mammals and people that live at high altitudes, and follow in footsteps of intrepid mountain explorers.

    Know the Game: Complete Skills: Soccer

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    Picture Dictionary