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    Kids Pocket Book: Disaster!

    R30,00 R77,81
    Contains fact files, stickers, activities, cards to collect and quizzes on Natural Disasters.

    Animals - a Family Reference Guide

    R149,00 R190,00
    Explore an amazing world of animal secrets, from microscopic insects to some of the largest creatures that have ever lived. Every page is brought to life by vibrant pictures that enhance the text and stimulate your imagination.

    Deadly Creatures Dictionary

    This dictionary introduces young raeders to the fascinating world of deadly creatures. Presented in alphabetical order, each animal is illustrated in full colour. Learn about the fascinating variety of fierce animals, from grizzly bears, lions and pythons to black widow spiders, poison dart frogs and royal flycatchers! Discover more about predators and prey, about tiny deadly fleas and huge killer whales, and what makes a deadly creature. With more than 100 deadly creatures, from the aardwolf to the zorro, this dictionary is the perfect quick-reference guide to dangerous animals. Full colour A-Z guide for instant information on more than 100 deadly creatures Fact boxes and key information Size comparison pictures and distribution maps Glossary and index

    Amazing Africa

    R79,00 R199,99
    Amazing Africa: the continent with the greatest desert and the longest river; the biggest land mammal and the largest bird; the highest free-standing mountain; the second largest freshwater lake and second highest waterfall.

    Ladybird Pocket Dictionary

    R49,00 R75,00
    This edition of Ladybird's pocket dictionary has been updated to include the latest technical and computer-related terminology, as well as featuring clear listings to make quick spell and definition checks easy.

    Flags Of The World

    There are lots of different kinds of flags, but there are also different ways of displaying flags they all have thier own meaning and the a flag is flown can vary, depending where in the world you are.


    R159,00 R431,84
    Children can explore the animal life with this encyclopedia. It features five core areas - mammals, birds, sharks, reptiles, and amphibians.

    10 Best Arthurian Legends Ever

    R49,00 R124,95
    Helps to read the news of Arthur's sensational rise to fame in the Celtic Clarion and find out who proves to be the best in the quest for the Holy Grail and why Guinevere stands by her man. This title includes fact files on knights and jousting and a who's who of Arthurian Legends.

    First 1000 Words

    An ideal companion to aid the development of your child's language skills, My First 1000 Words covers 60 key subject areas with easy-to-follow themes and bright, clear illustrations to make learning fun! A key title for early learning - Ages 6 and up.


    R159,00 R404,08
    These and hundreds of other fascinating quwstions about the history are answered in this information- packed, highly illustrated encyclopedia.

    My first book of Southern African birds

    R89,00 R100,00
    A very first guide to birds for children aged 3 to 7, this title presents 56 of the most striking and commonly seen southern African species.

    Disney My First Disney ABC 123: Classic

    R79,00 R120,00
    This book gives a perfect introduction to letters and numbers. Every young child will love to follow their favourite Disney friends as they present the alphabet and the numbers from 1 to 100.

    World Art - Volume 8

    The story of world art is international, intricate, and varied. From Pre- Columbain works based on religious ritual, the natural world, and political power to the highly indibidual, expressive art of modern Africa, the worlds cultures are rich in artistic traditions.

    Peoples and Cultures of Africa

    This six-volume peoples and cultures of Africa set provides a comprehensive, authoritative, and thoroughly up-to-date review of one of the worlds largest and most fascinating continents: Africa PEOPLES AND CULTURES OF AFRICA SET includes 6 titles North Africa East Africa West Africa Central Africa Southern Africa Nations and Personalities

    First Big Book of How

    R159,00 R234,86
    "How do refrigerators stay cold? How does water come out of the faucet? Answers to these questions and many more will help parents move beyond the stock answer "because" and give level-appropriate, fascinating, true answers. More than 300 photos bring a child's world to life while satisfying kids' curiosity and sense of fun. Questions in each chapter encourage interactivity, and parent tips extend the experience of the book."--

    Ten Best Greek Legends Ever

    R49,00 R119,95
    From killer king Oedipus to monstrous Medusa's horrible hair, this title presents the classic Greek legends... with a modern twist.