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    Why Space Matters to Me

    R79,00 R195,00
    Covering topics such as stardust, weather, seasons, tides, navigation and more, this book explains the many ways that space is linked to life on Earth. It deals with solar system.

    Reference Readers: Jungle Animals

    R49,00 R58,31

    Children's Encyclopedia Science

    R159,00 R404,08
    The Ultimate Guide to Science Discover the scientific world and beyond with this highly visual encyclopedia. Includes detailed information on space, weather and the human body

    Kings and Queens

    R79,00 R236,03
    Do you know who named the King Charles spaniel? Which forward thinking queen first sat on a flushing toilet and who was infamous for chopping off heads? With lots of fun flaps, exciting pull tabs and two amazing pop-ups, your journey through history is about to begin. Explore Queen Elizabeth II's fantastics carriage, discover the famous Tudors and meet Henry VIII, learn all about who invented Christmas and go to war with Richard the Lionheart. Heads will roll as you step back in time and discover an amazingly gruesome world of monarchs.

    The Middle East

    R40,00 R120,00
    Part of the "kingfisher Knowledge" series, this work takes a geo-political view of the Middle East. It provides information on countries, people and cultures; themes such as religion, resources, historical background, and politics; and everyday life. It conveys the richness and diversity of Middle Eastern culture and, its global context.

    Kids Pocket Book: Cool Gadgets

    R30,00 R77,81
    Contains fact files, stickers, activities, cards to collect and quizzes on Cool Gadgets.

    Renaissance - Volume 3

    The Renaissance was a time of cultural rebirth. The advances and discoveries made during this period led art to a new realism in depicting objects and people, use of perspective, and fresh ways of achieving depth and form.

    The Mighty 12: Superheroes of Greek Myth

    R99,00 R263,57
    A new spin on Greek mythology, featuring the gods as superheroes

    Reference Readers - Our Earth

    R49,00 R77,81

    First Big Book of How

    R159,00 R234,86
    "How do refrigerators stay cold? How does water come out of the faucet? Answers to these questions and many more will help parents move beyond the stock answer "because" and give level-appropriate, fascinating, true answers. More than 300 photos bring a child's world to life while satisfying kids' curiosity and sense of fun. Questions in each chapter encourage interactivity, and parent tips extend the experience of the book."--

    19th Century - Volume 5

    Nineteeth- century art was dominated by seemingly opposing trends; Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Symbolisme.The Romantic movement emphasized the importance of emotion and imagination and was a reaction to the formalism of the Neoclassical style.

    Children's Encyclopedia Earth

    R159,00 R404,08
    Discover Earths Features and beyond with this highly visual encyclopedia. Includes detailed information about Rainforests and Polar lands.

    Reference 8+: British History

    R99,00 R447,45
    The Children's British History Encyclopedia is a rich, visual representation of how life in Britain has changed throughout the ages. Discover the answers to questions such as: Why did the Romans decide to leave Britain? How did the King of Spain try to capture Elizabeth I? Who was Oliver Cromwell? What was liufe like for World War I soldiers? ... and many, many more.

    Disney Picture Dictionary: My Picture Dictionary

    R99,00 R136,31
    Disney's Picture Dictionary helps young children learn words and meanings with their favourite Disney friends! Over 900 entries are included, with delightful illustrations, easy-to-understand definitions and helpful sample sentences.

    Who? What? When? Human Body

    R99,00 R195,00
    This fact-filled first information book teaches little ones everything they need to know about the en-'gross'-ing truths of the human body, from the head to the toes. Peel back the skin to discover what we look like inside, and find out how many times our blood vessels would wrap around the equator.