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    How to Change the World with a Ball of String

    R79,00 R200,00
    From the team who created the award-winning title HOW TO MAKE A UNIVERSE WITH 92 INGREDIENTS, HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH A BALL OF STRING is a completely unique and imaginative take on history for children. Using examples from the past to show how you can start your own empire, conquer your neighbours or stage your own industrial revolution.

    Disney Picture Dictionary: My Picture Dictionary

    R99,00 R136,81
    Disney's Picture Dictionary helps young children learn words and meanings with their favourite Disney friends! Over 900 entries are included, with delightful illustrations, easy-to-understand definitions and helpful sample sentences.

    Dreadful Diaries

    Fill In Your Own Dates And Be Amazed By Some Horrible Historical Events. Whichever Day It Is In Your Dreadful Diary, You Can Be Sure It's The Anniversary Of Something Really Horrible, Utterly Disgusting, Or Just Plain Weird. A Foul And Fascinating Fact For Every Day Of The Year.

    My first book of southern African frogs

    R100,00 R120,00
    Frogs are appealing and colourful creatures. Children may be familiar with stages of the frogÆs curious life cycle, and see their eggs or tadpoles in local streams; and everyone has heard their calls. My first book of Southern African frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and includes a CD of their calls.

    Kids Pocket Book: Cool Gadgets

    R30,00 R77,81
    Contains fact files, stickers, activities, cards to collect and quizzes on Cool Gadgets.

    Ancient Rome: Why Did Romans March?

    R49,00 R142,63
    These first books of questions and answers have all the age-old questions kids always ask, as well as some new ones. The fun questions are clearly answered and the illustrations help explain things further.

    Explore Your World Super Humans

    R59,00 R233,20
    In an ever-changing world, people adapt to face demanding challenges and experience a new way of life. Are you ready to explore the extremes?

    Slimkoppe Afrikaans CAPS

    R96,00 R110,00
    Ontwikkel kernvaardighede volgens die Suid-Afrikaanse Kurrikulum-en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (KABV). Notas en wenke vir ouers


    Groovy Greeks Activity Book History with the nasty bits left in The Groovy Greeks Activity Book is stuffed with killer quizzes, gruesome games and amazing mazes to bring all those horrible heroes and suffering slaves to life. Want to: * create you very own groovy Greek soldier? * play a gruesome game of myths and monsters? * learn how to compete in the odd Olympic games? Puzzle your parents with Terry Deary's foul facts and stun your schoolmates with Martin Brown's crafty cartoons. With a push-out Greek soldier to dress for battle, you're sure to find the Groovy Greeks will have you standing to attention History has never been so horrible Vile Victorians Activity Book The Vile Victorians Activity book is stuffed with killer quizzes, gruesome games amd amazing mazes to bring all those cruel criminals and woefull workers to life. Rotten Romans Sticker Book A new departure from the Horrible Histories brand, these new sticker books complement the traditional format and add an extra 'must-have' for all Horrible Histories fans. The Rotten Romans Sticker Book is crammed full of putrid puzzles and wicked word games to bring all those evil emperors and fearsome fighters to life.

    How Loud Can You Burp?: and Other Extremely Important Questions (and Answers) from the Science Museum

    R49,00 R140,00
    More questions and answers from the author of the mega-selling WHY IS SNOT GREEN?

    Smart-kids mathematics

    R90,00 R110,00
    Smart-Kids Mathematics Grade 6 was created especially for South African children. The book is compliant with CAPS and is at exactly the right level for Grade 6 children.

    Renaissance - Volume 3

    The Renaissance was a time of cultural rebirth. The advances and discoveries made during this period led art to a new realism in depicting objects and people, use of perspective, and fresh ways of achieving depth and form.

    Kings and Queens

    R79,00 R233,66

    10 Best Arthurian Legends Ever

    R49,00 R124,95
    Helps to read the news of Arthur's sensational rise to fame in the Celtic Clarion and find out who proves to be the best in the quest for the Holy Grail and why Guinevere stands by her man. This title includes fact files on knights and jousting and a who's who of Arthurian Legends.

    Kids Pocket Book: Disaster!

    R30,00 R77,81
    Contains fact files, stickers, activities, cards to collect and quizzes on Natural Disasters.

    Animals - a Family Reference Guide

    R149,00 R190,00
    Explore an amazing world of animal secrets, from microscopic insects to some of the largest creatures that have ever lived. Every page is brought to life by vibrant pictures that enhance the text and stimulate your imagination.