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    Fisher-Price Board Books

    This very special Fisher-Price Book and Bookend set features two very cute Fisher-Price Wooden Bookends and four fun and clever Fisher-Price Board Books!

    Priddy Write & Wipe 10 book collection

    R299,00 R350,00

    Three-in-one integrated learning programme

    R339,00 R387,00

    Three-in-one integrated learning programme

    R315,00 R360,00

    Alphabet Races: A Magnetic Play Book

    R263,00 R300,00
    Take part in an alphabet obstacle race! Read the rhyme and place the 26 Letterland magnets on the obstacle course. Soon you will see that they are racing in alphabetical order.

    Detective Dippy Duck

    R360,00 R411,00
    A DVD edition of the "Dippy Duck Detective VHS".

    Beyond ABC: Story Phonics - Making Letters Come to Life!

    R263,00 R300,00
    This sequel to the best-selling ABC Book teaches what happens when letters come together in a word.

    Three-in-one integrated learning programme

    R316,00 R361,00

    Drie-in-een geintegreerde leerprogram

    R298,00 R340,00

    Three-in-one integrated learning programme

    R472,00 R539,00

    Far Beyond ABC

    R263,00 R300,00
    'Far Beyond ABC' opens the secrets of 20 more major English spelling patterns. The child-friendly story logic draws on children's thinking skills and their imaginations, so they easily remember the phonic facts that the stories carry.


    R254,00 R299,00
    A series that helps young children learn through play.

    Three-in-one integrated learning programme

    R298,00 R341,00