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    Dr Seuss I Can Learn! 123 Learning Cards

    A pack covering the early learning basics of 123. Dr. Seuss and his crazy characters and wacky phrases are the perfect way to engage young children and guide them down a learning path - and have some fun while doing it! Sturdy, large format learning cards are perfect for little hands. The extra treatments to each card makes them that little bit more special! Engaging and zany, Dr. Seuss illustrations will entertain kids while they learn!

    1-2-3 Play to grow

    R120,00 R170,00
    Every parent wants to offer the best for his child and consequently spends thousands of rands on extra classes and the best schools. Unfortunately there are still kids whose shortcomings influence their emotional development and social skills.

    Oink on the Farm!: 10 Farm Sounds

    R159,00 R205,00
    Little farmers will love learning about farm life, pressing the buttons and joining in with the animal sounds in Oink on the Farm!

    That's Not My Height Chart and Book

    R119,00 R296,00
    This height chart comes with a touchy-feely board book about big and little that's full of much-loved That's not my... animals. Duck is smaller than Fox, but who's the tallest of all? An excellent gift for any preschool child, this has stickers for an adult to add as the child grows, and is tall enough to measure the whole family (even grown-ups!).

    Beyond ABC: Story Phonics - Making Letters Come to Life!

    R220,00 R250,00
    This sequel to the best-selling ABC Book teaches what happens when letters come together in a word.

    Supersagte sponsboekies: Ek kan ry!

    R115,00 R135,00
    Hierdie supersagte sponsboekie is geskep as Æn eerste leerboek vir babas en peuters. Hierdie inleiding tot goed wat ry bestaan uit supersagte sponsbladsye, en bevat helder illustrasies en eenvoudige teks wat rym. Dit sal jou kind se ontwikkeling en verbeelding stimuleer.

    Grade 1 Reading

    R165,00 R190,00
    Our Kumon reading workbooks will use our famous step by step approach to help your child develop reading comprehension skills, which are an important ingredient to academic success. Each title in the series features grade level appropriate vocabulary, and fun, colorful exercises. Our unique approach to reading, which includes elements of both phonics and whole language instruction, will make learning to read easy.

    Play Shop

    R139,00 R175,00

    Noisy Zoo 10 Button Sound Book


    Animals Everywhere

    Do you dare peek into the Great White Shark's gnashing jaws? Can you catch the chittering, chattering Capuchin Monkey? Embark on a wild pop-up adventure filled with exciting surprises at every turn! From the depths of the ocean to the heart of the jungle, take an enthralling, close-up look at more than 100 animals as they swim, slink, fly, run, and roam.

    Numbers 1-30 Write & Wipe!

    R200,00 R230,00
    Help your child practice writing on one side, and then flip the card and use it like a traditional flash card set. Either way, your child will enjoy learning to read and write with these sturdy cards.

    Phonics Activity Book 6

    R125,00 R140,00
    Help your child to discover a fascination with letter shapes and sounds with the Letterland Phonics Activity Books.

    Grammar Activity Book 1

    This book introduces sentences and explains how punctuation helps a reader to understand meaning.

    Rhyming Flashcards

    R115,00 R190,00
    Help young children to identify words that rhyme and anticipate word endings.