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    Phonics Touch & Trace Flashcards

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    Enjoy the textured letters to touch and trace!


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    First Fun Flashcards 123 contains 27 double-sided cards, each with a number from 1-25 on one side. On the other side is a picture example and the number word in a short phrase, such as 'twelve pieces of fruit'. Packaged in a durable card box, these fantastic flash cards are ideal for using at home and while travelling. Features of First Fun Flashcards 123: • The easy-to-read text and bright, colourful photographs help children to recognize numbers, learn how to count and build vocabulary. • A mixture of images are used – from basics such as 'socks' to more complex words such as a 'dinosaurs' – to stimulate a child's curiosity and expand vocabulary. • The pack includes a double-sided instruction flashcard with ideas for learning games that support number recognition on one side. On the other side are the numbers 1-25. This pack also includes a plus/minus card for kids to practise basic sums. • These number flash cards are made of sturdy material and are the perfect size for small hands.

    I Love You Mummy: Stroller Cards

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    Rhyming Flashcards

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    Help young children to identify words that rhyme and anticipate word endings.

    Sammy Snake's Snap

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    Suitable for speeding up letter recognition, this work includes cards which can also be used for word building and spelling games. It also includes games ideas and instructions.

    First Reading Flashcards

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    Features 65 double sided cards with plain letters on the reverse, both capital and lower case letters.

    Second Reading Flashcards

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    A pack of 80 flashcards featuring decodable picture-coded words. It includes many game ideas, along with opportunities to create meaningful phrases and sentences.

    My First Phonics Flashcards

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    This set of 125 double-sided cards features the Letterland alphabet in both lowercase and capital letters plus 58 rhyming flashcards and instruction cards.

    Get Ready for School Four of a Kind Games

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    Including cards and a booklet of games that your child can play to learn key skills and knowledge, this book includes colourful photographic cards will help to develop a confident, curious and capable child.

    Word Cards: Mini Vocabulary Cards

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    Letterland Word Cards is a pack of 78 portable, durable cards providing key vocabulary for each a-z letter sound.

    Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds: Alphabet Games Flashcards

    The Children's Laureate and best-selling author of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, has carefully created the Songbirds Phonics series to support children who are learning to read. This pack of Alphabet Games flashcards provide fun games to play with your child at home to build their reading skills and phonics knowledge.

    Ladybird Early Learning: ABC Flash Cards

    R150,00 R160,00
    Suitable for familiarising young children with the alphabet, this book helps you to teach both the big and little letter shapes. It also introduces the phonic letter sounds - 'a' as in apple and 'b' as in bird.

    Key Words: Flash Cards: Peter and Jane

    R134,00 R135,00
    Offers a flash card set to accompany the Key Words series, from Ladybird. This book contains the 100 key words that make up 50 per cent of those we read, write and speak every day. It is suitable for building reading confidence and more.


    Offering essential practice in division, a key concept, this title is suitable for children aged 5 to 6 years old. It includes 86 cards.

    Alphabet: 54 word and picture cards, with learning tips

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    A pack of laminated flashcards that are suitable for teachers, parents and carers to teach the alphabet to children aged 3+. It features retro-style illustrations that can help children to remember the letters. It also includes notes that are included with handy suggestions for games and activities with the cards.


    Suitable for children aged 5 to 6 years old, this title offers essential practice in key concepts such as multiplication, division, the alphabet, sights words and spelling. It offers 86 cards.