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    Wine, Women and Song: A Spitfire Pilot's Story Compiled from Doug Brown's Letters and Reminscences

    Spitfire pilot Doug Brown's RAF experiences. The first solo in a Spitfire was almost his last and he crashed on his first operation. It was a life of contrasts: the thrill of flying; the loss of fellow airmen; anticipation of combat; the boredom of 'readiness'; indulgent mess banquets; pranks and comradeship; and the unrelenting toil of war.

    Daphne du Maurier: Letters from Menabilly Portrait of a Friendship

    A compilation of letters sent by Daphne du Maurier to her close friend Oriel Malet with further text by Oriel Malet linking and contextualizing the letters.

    Love from Boy: Roald Dahl's Letters to His Mother

    A revelatory collection of letters from the nation's favourite storyteller.

    Diaries and Selected Letters

    This selection from the diaries and letters of the Bulgakovs, mostly translated for the first time into English, provides an insightful glimpse into a fascinating period of Russian history and literature, telling the tragic tale of the fate of an artist under a totalitarian regime.

    Invisible Crying Tree

    Portrays the grim realities of prison life in Britain. This book also reassures us that friendship and respect can prevail in the most unlikely circumstances.

    Nella Last in the 1950's

    Discussing the private life of the author, as well as that of her family, friends and neighbors, this title shows what ordinary people felt during the years of growing prosperity in a flourishing and modernising Britain. It offers an account of the changing experiences of ordinary people at a time that shaped the society we live in.

    Love Letters of Great Men and Women

    Together for the first time in one volume: the bestselling Love Letters of Great Men and Love Letters of Great Women


    Features a story about one man's attempt to live the simple life in the wilderness, and the great, founding text both for the environmental movement and the entire counter-culture.

    An Interrupted Life: Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum, 1941-43

    A collection of the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum (1914-43) who lived in Amsterdam that were composed in the shadow of the Holocaust, but their interest lies in the light-filled mind that pervades them and in the internal journey they chart.